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Embarrassed of Your Birthmarks? Makeup Tips for Covering up Your Spots and Dots ...

By Alicia

Are you embarrassed of your birthmarks? These tips can help you to cover them up so you can move on with your life. Although this advice is mainly directed toward dealing with birthmarks on your face, they could also be used for birthmarks on other parts of your body as well. I hope these tips help you to feel more comfortable with your appearance.

1 Use a Foundation Brush

If you’re trying to cover up your spots and dots then you should consider using a foundation brush. A foundation brush offers some advantages over applying foundation with your fingertips. It’s easier to build up foundation when you use a brush to apply it. Your fingertips tend to not leave as much behind as a brush will. A brush is a lighter method of application.

2 Try Colored Concealer

If you’re only using a concealer that’s close to your skin tone, then you might be missing out. Colored concealers can offer benefits than a skin tone concealer can’t. Green is a great choice when you’re trying to cover up redness. Yellow tends to work well at covering up dark areas like many birthmarks are. A bit of experimenting with concealer can help you find a successful way of covering up birthmarks.

3 Use Loose Powder

You don’t want to forget powder to help set your makeup. Powder helps make sure that your makeup doesn’t go anywhere. Loose powder is a better choice than pressed when you’re trying to cover up birthmarks. When you apply pressed powder, it’s very easy to wipe away part of your carefully applied foundation and concealer. Loose powder is easier to work with and won’t disturb your makeup as much.

4 Don’t Forget Highlighter

Highlighter can be very helpful in covering up spots and dots you don’t want to be seen. You don’t apply it to the area you’re trying to hide. You apply it to other areas of your face to draw attention away from a birthmark. But you don’t want to just apply it at random; there are certain areas that highlighter works best. Your brow bones and the tops of your cheekbones are two great places to use highlighter.

5 Use a Camouflaging Makeup

Whether or not you need this tip depends upon your individual birthmark. Some birthmarks can be covered by using normal, everyday makeup. However, if your birthmark is extremely vivid or large, you may want to try using a camouflaging makeup which is formulated especially for purposes like this. A couple of brands you may want to try are Dermablend and Ben Nye. Both brands have at least 4 star ratings on Amazon.

6 Try a Birthmark Removal Cream

You can always try a birthmark removal cream. If it could make you feel better about yourself then why not give it a go? However, not every product for this works well, so it’s important to do some research before you make a purchase. If the spot you’re trying to remove is actually a scar then Mederma can be a great product to use. Many people have had great success with Mederma.

7 Show It off Proudly

Several beauty icons have shown off their spots and dots proudly. Two that come to mind are Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford. Even if you don’t want to show your spots off, it’s good to try to come to terms with it. It’s possible, even probable, that your birthmark is more noticeable to you than it is to others. Realize that it may be something that makes you unique and others even think is lovely.

These are some tips you can use to cover up your birthmarks. What have you found that works well at this? Your comments could help others.

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