7 Makeup Products You Don't Need to Spend a Load of Money on ... or do You?


7 Makeup Products You Don't Need to Spend a Load of Money on ... or do You?
7 Makeup Products You Don't Need to Spend a Load of Money on ... or do You?

Some makeup products fall into the "you get what you pay for" category, while others are more "why spend more when you don't have to?" ... let's have a peek at the makeup products you can skimp on, and which ones you ought to splurge on.

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Skimp: Eye Shadow

I've spent my fair share of dollars on MAC eyeshadow, and while it's glorious, it's really not much better than Wet N Wild. I'm serious! Both brands offer brilliant, long-lasting, on-trend shades, so why not give Wet N Wild a try?


Splurge: Lip Plumper

I've tried every lip plumper known to man, and nothing beats the somewhat spendy Duwop Lip Venom line. Save for it; it's worth every penny.


Skimp: Liquid Liner

This is a fine place to save a buck or two, especially if you don't mind re-applying your liquid liner at mid-day. Cheaper brands, like Almay and ELF offer the same blues, browns, blacks, and violets as the pricier brands, thought usually not the more trendy shades.


Splurge: Moisturizer

I've tried to economize with my moisturizer, but this is another place where it doesn't pay to save - bad pun intended - especially if you have sensitive skin.


Skimp: Nail Polish

Essie is cheap, easy to find, and there are a million colors. If you finish with a topcoat, it last forever without chipping. So why spend more here?


Splurge: BB Cream

If you've found an inexpensive BB cream that won't give me a rash just by holding the bottle, please let me know! Til then, I have to recommend sticking to the expensive (but worth it) brands.


Skimp: Lipstick

Truly, I have about a thousand lippies, and I love my cheap ones as much as my ridiculously-expensive ones. The exception: reds. For some reason, the cheap ones never last as long as the "good" ones.

Where do you skimp, and where do you splurge? Do tell!

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I'm sorry, but an expensive Iipstick works well. It lasts longer than a cheaper brand. With regards to moisturizers, It's best to ask your dermatologists or beautician.

I dont agree with the lipstick part. Ive tried both High end and drugstore lipstick, and the difference here is that High end lipsticks last longer Than drugstore ones.

Unfortunately Essie isn't cheap in my country. It costs around $15 for just one bottle. Enough said then...-_-

So professional and a very helpful article! 😊

@stephbabe123 good point splurge on making yourself even more beautiful oppose splurging on makeup @ meg-tam 18 yeah feel good better than look good. Good tips girls! :-)

@Simone! It's like 20$ in my country

I don't agree with the eyeshadow part. After using make up forever and Tom Ford eyeshadows, it's hard to go back to mac (they aren't the best) or drugstore eyeshadows. I usually save on eyeliner and mascara. I splurge on skincare and base products mostly. The nicer the base looks, the better the whole makeup look I feel

This is very subjective. For me, I skimp on moisturizer. Mine is a 9$ one from the body shop or sometimes plain sweet almond oil (10$ for a big bottle). I have extremely sensitive skin. I think eyeshadows, lipsticks and eyeliners should be splurged on. Eyeshadows, once you get really into makeup, going from makeup forever to wet n wild will make you want to cry. I spend less than a minute on blending with mufe, whereas wet n wild will take more work, more packing on, more time. Lipsticks I'm allergic to a lot of drugstore lipsticks so I stick to 4 brands, all at sephora. But they are not over 25$ each. Liner I stick to kat von d or tarte. I don't have to reapply, which really is a pain, and it lasts all say without flaking, isn't going to smudge, and is easy to take off at the end of the day. Nail polish for me is iffy. I love formula x, it lasts easily two weeks without a top coat and in deals (like their mini twenty two pack for 44$) are so worth it. I did my nails at the beginning of August, like the 3 or 4, and it's only got a couple chips on the end of my nails. I just have to touch up the bottom where growth has happened, which creating a subtle gradient is very easy here, and it's like I just got them done. I can't do that with essie polish that lasts a day and then chips.

And I agree to the commenter above, cheap eyeshadow soften don't have pigment which is really annoying because my money has gone to waste. 😩😒

A good moisturiser does the job and if you can conduct your own even better!

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