Life-Changing Ways to Deal when Your Fave Makeup Goes off the Market


Life-Changing Ways to Deal when Your Fave Makeup Goes off the Market
Life-Changing Ways to Deal when Your Fave Makeup Goes off the Market

When you find your perfect lipstick shade, or a foundation that makes your skin glow, you swear that you're never going to buy anything else. It works wonders for your skin, and makes you look so good you're sold for life. And then you find out that the company is discontinuing the product you love! But before you go into mourning for your beloved product, check out these options …

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Hoard It!

beauty, eye, organ, eyelash, cosmetics, As soon as you hear that your favorite product is being discontinued, get to the store and buy as many as you can. Although you won't be able to buy enough to last a lifetime (shops may restrict purchases to stop buyers reselling), you should be able to buy enough to keep you going until you find another product that you love.


Get a Customised Color

hair, eyebrow, black hair, face, person, If your beauty budget is high enough, you could also use a product match service such as These specialise in recreating shades that have now been discontinued. All you need to do is send them a sample; you can also get them to create a color based on a photo. It's admittedly not a cheap option, but ideal if it's a shade rather than a product that you love.


Look for Similar Products

eye, food, beauty, organ, eye shadow, With so many products on the market, there's bound to be something else that works for you. And the way to find out is to consult other beauty addicts. Post on forums or comment threads that you're looking for a similar product to the soon-to-be-discontinued one, and you'll be given many recommendations to try.


Petition the Company to Bring It Back

Chances are that you're not the only disappointed buyer, so make your feelings known to the company. Beauty companies do listen to their fans, but they need to know that you desperately want to buy it. So if enough people petition them to stock the product, they may well decide to keep selling it.


Look Online

hair, human hair color, color, face, blue, There's almost certainly stocks of your favorite discontinued product around: you just need to know where to find them. Enterprising companies have realised that there's a market for selling discontinued products. Look for websites like or, which specialise in selling discontinued and hard-to-find beauty products.


Mix & Match

organ, hand, LIP, INJECTION, issol, If you're feeling like experimenting, you can try to recreate the product for yourself. Layering one color or product on top of another can sometimes give you a similar shade or result. You can also try mixing lipsticks; a good way to do this cheaply is by buying a palette with lots of shades. Mix in an empty palette.


Consult the Companies

white, product, handbag, brand, hand, Even if companies don't want to bring back their discontinued products, they know that some people still want to buy them. Hence some major beauty companies offer a helpful 'finding' service to help you locate the discontinued products you love. Consult their websites to see if they have this service.

So before you panic that your makeup will never be the same again, try to track down further supplies of your favorite product. Then if you can't locate any more, look for something similar. There are so many great products around that you are sure to find something that's almost as good. Which products would you love to see brought back?

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Love this article

Great ideas but change is also good. You tend to find a different colour of lipstick when ur fav is discontinued

I loved shade of Lancôme that they stopped making. Went on line a bought 4 tubes in brand new perfect condition for good prices.

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