7 Unbeatable Makeup Brands for Girls Who Love Organic Beauty ...

Organic makeup is something you could choose for several different reasons. You may feel it’s the most responsible choice for the earth or healthiest for your body. Whatever your reason, there are now more organic makeup brands than ever before to choose from. Here are some of the best of them.

1. Bite Beauty

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I was really excited to learn that Bite Beauty is an organic makeup brand. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about their products, which are basically all things lips. They’ve grown wildly popular in the last year and it’s no wonder; their promises to use only organic ingredients and on-trend lip products have helped them rise to the top. They stand by the belief that lipstick should be good for you. They offer many various lip products, including lipstick, butter lipstick, lip primer, lip oil, lip tint and more.

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