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Makeup terms can be really, really hard to follow, especially if you are new to wearing makeup. Do you know what pigmented means? Do you have any idea what a base is? I didn't until I did some research! Below, I've got all of the makeup terms that will let you know what you should be looking for and make sure that you are aware of what products you could be buying or techniques you could be using!

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With all of the different makeup terms for your eyes and where to put your eyeliner, the waterline term can be a little confusing, right? Your waterline is actually the inner rim of your eyes. This is exactly where I put my eyeliner, so that it really brings out my eyes and really stays put inside my eye.



What exactly does matte mean? When I talk about using a matte foundation, what do you think that it means? It means no shine. Matte means that there is no glimmer, no shimmer and nothing shiny inside of it. Matte foundation is great if you are looking to keep the shine away all day!


Original Glo

This is a new one that I had no idea what it meant, until I did my research. An original glo all revolves around a shimmery finish versus a matte finish. If you want to add some shimmer and shine to your look, you are looking for an original glo product. Original glo can even be found in some lotions and definitely in bronzers!



Do you know exactly what shimmery means? I didn't until I looked it up and shimmery means a finish that actually reflects light. So when you are in a photograph, you do not want to use a shimmery finish; instead, you want to use a matte finish, which does not reflect light. I love a shimmery finish, but for photos, stick with matte!



I recently did a post on how to use makeup pigments, but do you know exactly what a makeup pigment is? Well, it's actually a very powdery substance that is super colored and that you can add to all kinds of things! The more pigmented your eye shadow is, the better – it lasts a really long time! I use makeup pigments to make up brand new eye shadow colors, lipstick colors and they can even be used as blush!



I'm sure that most of you know exactly what concealer is, but did you know that you can use concealer in other places besides just under your eyes? Concealer can be used to cover up any dark circles or bags, but it can also be used to cover up acne and even tattoos! There are tons of different brands of concealer, you just have to find the one that works for you!



Finally, the last makeup term that we're going to explore is mineral. Mineral makeup is lightweight, typically a powder and covers everything up easily. It's all natural and doesn't clog pores. It also can make you look younger, if you use the right brand!

This is one makeup term guide that should help you understand the purchases that you are making just a little bit better. What other makeup terms confuse you? Give 'em up!

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If you are going to put on eyeliner at the waterline, take caution. This takes part in causing styes and can also contribute to bad vision and/or blindness over time.

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