8 Splendid Reasons to Love Makeup ...


8 Splendid Reasons to Love Makeup ...
8 Splendid Reasons to Love Makeup ...

The reasons to love makeup are truly countless. There are tons of them! If you are a makeup hater and can't understand why some women spend hundreds of dollars a year on makeup, you've got to take a look at all of my reasons to love makeup. After all, makeup can enhance your beauty, if can cover up all kinds of things and it can make you look even better than you do right now! It's art and expression!

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Fun to Play with

Makeup is so, so much fun to play with, to toy with, to experiment with. This is honestly just one of the many reasons to love makeup. Who doesn't love to experiment with their look and different colors? Who wouldn't love to transform themselves into someone else for a few hours via makeup? Give it a try!


Enhances Your Beauty

Makeup is honestly something that can totally enhance your look and make you look so, so beautiful! While you are beautiful without makeup, imagine just how much you can enhance that beauty with a bit of blush, some bronzer and some eyeliner? You don't need much makeup to enhance what you already have!


Self Expression

Makeup is all about self expression too. I love switching up my eye makeup and really expressing how I feel with dramatic looks. How could you do that without makeup? When I am at the office, I tone it down a bit, but for a night out on the town, why not go extreme?


Extreme or Light

And that brings us to another reason to love makeup! Like I said before, you can totally go to the extreme at night but if you want to keep it light during the day, you can do that too! For me, I actually stay pretty light in the office, just mascara and eyeliner and at night, I go all out with lipstick and eye makeup! It's versatile!


Art Form

Another reason to absolutely love makeup is the fact that it can be total art. Have you seen some of those photo shoots they do on America's Next Top Model? Have you seen some of the ad spreads in the latest Vogue? The makeup is beautiful! It's amazingly artistic!


Way to Pamper Yourself

I actually find that putting on makeup and really experimenting and testing things out is a way to pamper myself. Cracking open a brand new MAC lipstick or feeling what a new mascara feels like and how it goes on is really a fantastic spa-like treatment for me! Do you have that too, girls?


Cover up Imperfections

If you have a scar or an imperfection of any kind, you can use makeup to cover it up quickly! Concealer has been my friend forever! Not only does it hide every flaw I have, but it really makes my face and skin look completely flawless every time!


Acne Coverage

Finally, if you have a lot of acne on your face, you can cover it up quickly by using a bit of foundation and concealer! Trust me on this one, I used this trick for years and nobody ever knew that I had any acne problems!

So girls, these are just a few of the many reasons that I love makeup. What about some of your reasons? Do you have any that you can share?

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I wear makeup cause it's a form of art for me,painting my face like it's an canvas and my makeup brushes are my artists tools,honestly applying my makeup is my favorite part of my mornings I just create pretty things on my face with bright colors lol

The thing is that men dont really like makeup...

I think my reason would be make up gives me confidence!!

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