8 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes ...


8 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes ...
8 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes ...

Anyone with eyes that react easily will need makeup tips for sensitive eyes. Having sensitive eyes doesn't mean that you can't use cosmetics, so there's no need to avoid them completely. By taking some simple steps, you can still enjoy making up your eyes without suffering itching and tears streaming down your face. So here are some practical makeup tips for sensitive eyes.

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Clean Brushes

One of the makeup tips for sensitive eyes that you should always bear in mind is that you really must keep your brushes clean. Using dirty brushes can easily lead to infections, so clean your brushes regularly, using a gentle shampoo or soap. Leave them to dry on a clean towel or cloth.



If you have sensitive eyes, you can still use eye makeup. There are plenty of brands on the market aimed at sensitive eyes. Of course, that doesn't mean that they will all be suitable for you, as each case has a different cause. Try out some of the brands until you hit upon one that works for you.


Cream Shadows

Powder eye shadows can be a real problem for someone with sensitive eyes. Cream shadows may be more suitable, as they won't flake as powder shadows do. Also watch out for glittery eye shadows - these are definitely best avoided!


Avoid Lining Inner Eye

Makeup artists recommend using a white pencil to line your eyes and make them appear more open. This may look good, but is bad news for people with sensitive eyes, who should avoid using liner on the inner eye. Stick to using pencils and liner outside the lash line.


Remove Makeup

There are times when we all forget to remove our makeup, which won't help if you have sensitive eyes! Try to remember to cleanse every scrap of eye makeup off, using a gentle cleanser. You'll also reduce the risk of getting anything in your eye if you take care to sweep the cleanser away from your eyes.


Replace Products Frequently

It might be irritating to throw away makeup that you haven't used up, but so can using makeup that's been around too long! However hard you try to keep it clean, there is still a risk of bacteria getting into makeup. It's best to replace eye products frequently to cut down the chance of irritation.


Gentle Touch

Sensitive eyes are best treated with a very gentle touch. As well as keeping your brushes clean, wash your hands before applying your makeup. It's easy to transfer irritants to your eyes, so careful hygiene will help avoid this problem. Also avoid rubbing your eyes when applying or removing makeup.



Avoid the type of mascara that is intended to lengthen your lashes, as the fibres will almost certainly cause irritation to your sensitive eyes. You may prefer to use an eyelash dye kit, but do remember to carry out the patch test first. If you have a reaction, don't use it.

Sensitive eyes can mean testing out a lot of different brands before finding products that suit you. However, you can still enjoy eye makeup, so don't despair! With the proper techniques, cleanliness and products, you will be able to have beautiful eyes, not red, sore, and itchy ones! Are sensitive eyes a problem for you, and do you have any more tips on using makeup?

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