7 Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes ...


7 Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes ...
7 Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes ...

Ladies, I've got the top makeup tips for hooded eyes that will make your eyes stand out beautifully! Finding the right makeup tips for hooded eyes is never easy, believe me, I've looked! That's why I decided to compile the top 7 makeup tips that will make your (and my) eyes look gorge!

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Maximize Your Eye Space

Just because you have hooded eyes, doesn't mean you can't make the most of your eye space! Ladies, you want to maximize the space that you have. Pluck your eyebrows, make sure that you have them sculpted to your face. Trust me girls, when you have more eye space to work with, your entire face will brighten up!


Don't Forget Your Lower Lids

Never, ever forget about your lower lids, especially when you have hooded eyes. So my second makeup tip for hooded eyes is all about the lower lid! You can actually line your lower lid as well as add a bit of shadow. This will make your eyes stand out that much more and will even add some dimension to your eyes!


Upward Strokes

When you are trying to figure out the right makeup tips for hooded eyes, you want to remember that instead of dragging your features down, why not start upward? Upward strokes of eyeshadow and even of blush and powder can really brighten your face and really make it look that much better! Try it ladies!


Switch up the Shadows and Highlights

Just because you have hooded eyes does not mean that you should be limited to certain eyeshadows and textures, in fact, you should let your creative side go a little wild! Go ahead and highlight and use all sorts of different eyeshadows that make your eyes appear brighter instead of dragging them down!


Define Upper and Lower Lids

Remember when I said that you shouldn't forget about the lower lids? Well, you actually want to make sure that you are defining both the upper and lower lids. Whether you are using a bit of highlighting eyeshadow or you are using liner, just make sure that you are defining both lids!



Highlighting ladies, that is the key to ditching your hooded eyes and making them appear less hooded. Using a bit of white eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes will not only brighten your eyes, but it will make them appear most open and awake. Try this makeup tip for hooded eyes girls, it works!



Finally, don't forget to blend! Whenever you are dealing with different dimensions of eyeshadows, you always want to make sure that you are blending and ensuring that the colors look beautiful!

There you have it ladies! These are all of my makeup tips for hooded eyes that will help you highlight your eyes and truly bring out the beauty in them. So girls, what other makeup tips for hooded eyes do you have to share? Sound off below!

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Hi, I really love your site it has given me many tips so I want to give some back: Thick or thin, natural or carefully shaped, long or short, free of makeup or filled in – these are just some of the choices we face when it comes to eyebrows. This part of the face tends to get neglected in favour of the eyes but that’s really unfair. The eyebrows play a huge part in the overall look of a face. According to beauticians and make-up professionals worldwide, the eyebrows shape the face and give definition to the eyes and forehead. Great post.Thanks for the tips.


What are hooded eyes??

Hooded eyes is where you have skin under the brow covering g your eyelids

Thankyou for these tips they're very useful.

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