8 Awesome Vintage Makeup Tutorials ...


8 Awesome Vintage Makeup Tutorials ...
8 Awesome Vintage Makeup Tutorials ...

Retro style makeup is popular with many movie stars and singers. If you´re into vintage clothing and style yourself, adopting retro style makeup will help finish off your look. But how do you get that vintage look? Thanks to the fabulous videos on Youtube, you can easily learn the tricks for a retro beauty look. So here are some awesome vintage makeup tutorials …

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1950s Pin up

Here´s a great video if you love the style of the 1950s pin up girls. It´s a nice long video that gives you plenty of tips about each stage of applying the makeup. As with any video tutorial, simply watch again or pause and rewind a little if you don´t catch what the artist is saying the first time.


Dita Von Teese Style

While on the subject of 1950s style, it would be unthinkable to omit the doyenne of glamour, Dita von Teese. Dita´s impeccable style is the perfect example of how to adopt retro style makeup, so watch this video and you too can look like a fabulous Fifties glamour queen!


Classic 1930s Look

As this tutorial points out, women didn´t let a little thing like the Great Depression stop them from enjoying their beauty products! So perhaps this is the ideal look for today´s economic woes. If you adore the style of actresses like Jean Harlow, you´ll love this tutorial.


Original 1940s Tutorial

Wartime re-enactment events are very popular these days, with many participants going to great lengths to make their outfit as authentic as possible. If you´re into this look, here´s a tutorial straight from the era itself. It concentrates more on hairstyles than beauty, but is still worth watching for its authenticity.


1960s Mod

If your interest in retro style makeup belongs to the 1960s, then here´s a tutorial for you. It´ll show you how to get a Mod-style look, which is not quite as glamorous as some of the other looks, but looks like a lot of fun to achieve!.


Glam Rock

For a dramatic party look, this 1970s Glam Rock style tutorial could be just the thing. Reminiscent of Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust era, this look is definitely not for shrinking violets! The glitter look is one best kept for parties, but if you get the chance to try it out you´ll love going over the top!



Most vintage tutorials use white models, so I´ve found one made by a black artist. And doesn´t she look gorgeous! There were some fabulously glamorous women of colour, so watch this tutorial and you can copy their style. Like other tutorials, suggestions are given for products, which is very useful given that most makeup ranges are aimed at white skin.


1920s Flapper

The final video in this selection of vintage makeup tutorials is a 1920s Flapper style. The 1920s was when makeup first began to be used by all women (before, it was considered to belong to actresses and ladies of ill repute!). So if you´re going to a Twenties-themed party or simply like the look, this tutorial should help you get some Roaring Twenties style!

If you´re into retro style makeup, then these vintage makeup tutorials should give you lots of ideas. If you´ve never tried vintage makeup before, then why not have a go at recreating looks of the past? You don´t have to go for the full look, but can use elements of it to give yourself a change of image. What´s your favourite era of the past, and why?

Top Image Source: fashiongonerogue.com

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