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8 Splendid Makeup Tips to Enhance the Gold in Your Eyes ...

By Heather

You girls asked for eye makeup tips that would help enhance all of the gold in your eyes – and we're delivering! I've scoured the internet, finding all of the eye makeup tips that will enhance the gold in your eyes and truly help pull the gold right out. So you ready to explore all of my eye makeup tips that will highlight the gold and really make your eyes pop in just the right way?

1 Gold Eyeshadow

It might seem like an obvious thing, but if you are really looking for eye makeup tips that really make the gold pop out, why not use a splash of gold eyeshadow? Gold eyeshadow around the rims of your eyes and along your lids can really bring out the gold highlights in your eyes and really draw out those beautiful hues!

2 Violet Eyeshadow

As you probably already know, violet is one of those awesome colors that can bring out all of the beauty in green eyes, but what you might not know, is that this eye makeup tip is all about the gold too! Violet and deep purposes can actually really enhance the gold in your eyes too! Give it a try and tell me how you like it!

3 Dark Purple Liner

If you really want to amp up the gold in your eyes and really draw it out, one surefire way to do it is by putting on some purple eyeliner! Trust me on this one girls, dark purple eyeliner can really highlight the gold accents that might be in your eyes and can even draw out the green in your eyes! Purple eyeliner is one of my favs – what about you girls?

4 Deep Browns

While you might think that gold eyeshadow and some purples are the only colors that will draw out the gold in your eyes, that is not true at all! Deep browns such as espresso and chocolate can also draw out and highlight the golds in your eyes. Whether you are using brown eyeshadow or just lining your eyes in it, this eye makeup tip totally works!

5 Brown Mascara

Brown mascara is another eye makeup tip that can really draw out any and all of the gold enhancements that you have in your eyes. For me, I coat my lashes twice in mascara (Maybelline Stiletto for me!) to really make them look lush and stand out. Have you ladies ever tried brown mascara?

6 Cocoa Eyeshadow

Cocoa eyeshadow is one of my favorite colors and just like gold eyeshadow, this is another way to draw out the deep golden hues in your eyes. You can coat your lids in this particular eyeshadow and even slide it under your lower lash line to really make your eyes appear dramatic.

7 Pale Pinks

This eye makeup tip is all about pale pinks and how they can draw out the gold accents in your eyes. Pale pink, especially a mauve pink color is a great way to really pull out the gold. Again, I'd coat both your lids as well as under your lower lash line so that you can draw the color out completely!

8 Deep Greens

Finally girls, the last eye makeup tip that we're going to talk about is all about deep greens! Deep greens and even lime greens are a great way to really draw out the gold in your eyes and make them really pop. Personally, green eyeshadow and liner are some of my favorites!

So girls, you asked for it and we delivered! These are my top eye makeup tips that can really help you draw out the gold in your eyes! So, do you have any other eye makeup tips that you'd like to see?

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