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With rain season right around the corner, you might want to take a look at some fantastic makeup techniques for rainy days! A heavy rain day can ruin your perfect makeup day, but with these makeup techniques you can put your face right back on and fight your way through the rain! So girls, are you ready to explore my top 7 makeup techniques for rainy days that can truly brighten up any cloudy day? Let's do this!

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Tinted Moisturizer

When you are dealing with rain, you've got to make sure that your foundation is waterproof. For me, what I've always used and one of my favorite makeup techniques for rainy days is all about the tinted moisturizer. Just a thin, thin coat of tinted moisturizer will actually last a lot longer than your own foundation, especially if you are out in a humid rain!


Waterproof Mascara

We all know that when it comes to water and mascara, waterproof mascara is a must! After all, you don't want to end up with mascara tracks running down your face do you? So to keep your lashes locked down with that perfect color of mascara, make sure that you check the box and see that it's waterproof before stepping out into the rain!


Cream Blush

Girls, another makeup technique for rainy days that is a lifesaver for me is cream blush. Powder blush is great when you are out in the fall, crisp air, but when it's raining, you want something that is going to show up and something that is going to stick. That's exactly what cream blush will do for you! So ladies, make sure that you invest in the right shade of cream blush for you when the rain starts to roll around!


High Quality Lipstick

A lot of women believe that brands like Wet and Wild will work for any temperature, but that's not true ladies! If you are looking to make sure that your lips look lush and colorful while the rain is falling, one makeup technique for rainy days that you should take into consideration is investing in high quality lipstick. It works wonders!



Ladies, another makeup technique for rainy days all revolves around primer. Makeup primer can be a lifesaver and can actually really make sure that your makeup stays in place! Remember how I said that tinted moisturizer will make sure that you have the correct coverage? Well, primer can actually help ensure that the tinted moisturizer stays on and won't melt off!



If you are finding that you have a lot of blemishes or even just imperfections, don't worry ladies, one makeup technique for rainy days that you can use all of the time is concealer! Just make sure that you're matching your concealer to your skin color or, if you have red blemishes, get a yellow-tinted concealer to kick that red out.


Moisturizing Mask at Night

Finally girls, a lot of the time, rain days can actually dry your skin out, so you want to make sure that you are using a great moisturizing mask on your face before bed. That way, your face will stay hydrated and look beautiful all of the time! For me, I just put a little extra moisturizer on my face and make sure that it is all rubbed in.

So girls, there you have it! My top 7 makeup techniques for a rainy day that really works! Do you have any other makeup techniques for a rainy day that I should know about?

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