7 Eye Shadow Tips for Your Eye Shape ...


7 Eye Shadow Tips for Your Eye Shape ...
7 Eye Shadow Tips for Your Eye Shape ...

Have you ever wondered about eye shadow tips for eye shapes? Eyes come in all different shapes and the way we apply shadow to our eyes differ from shape to shape. Check out these 7 eye shadow tips for eye shapes to get some good makeup advice.

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Close Set Eyes

It’s not hard to make close set eyes look wider. The trick is to use a light color on the inside corners of your eyes and a darker shade on the outer corners. You can also widen the eyes by lining only the outer corners with eyeliner.


Deep Set Eyes

Deep set eyes sit deeper into the eye socket leaving only a small portion of the eyelid visible. Try this eye shadow tip for eye shapes to help off-set deep eyes. Use a lighter shade of color on the visible eyelid and a darker shade on the crease and above.


Down Turned Eyes

If the outer corners of your eyes turn down then you will want to follow these eye shadow tips. Blend the eye shadow along the crease of your eyelid from the outer corners to about two-thirds of the way in. You can also help down turned eyes by using liner close to the upper lash line and curling lashes before applying mascara.


Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes then your crease is hidden by the fold of skin that hangs down. This can be a difficult eye shape to correct with eye shadow. For best results avoid shimmery colors and opt for matte shades instead.


Protruding Eyes

If you have protruding eyes you don’t want to miss this eye shadow tip for your eye shape. The best way to conceal a budging eye shape is to use a dark matte shade on the lids. Lighter colors will draw more attention the lid.


Round Eyes

Round eyes tend to be large and open. If you have round eyes you may be looking for tips to help elongate your eyes. To do this use a medium eye shadow color on the lid to the crease. In the outer corner of the eye, allow the eye shadow to come up towards the brow and down to the lower eye lid.


Almond Eyes

If you are fortunate to have almond shaped eyes you can follow any of the eye shadow tips for eye shapes. These eyes are often seen as having perfect proportions.

Try out these eye shadow tips for eye shapes and let me know what you think. If you have your own eye shadow tips please share them too.

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Gah....what if your eyes are really long but not really round enough? Help?

Nice post :) but I really wish u added photos maybe next time?

Nice Post

i have almond eyes but i never really thought it was a good thing lol i've always wanted biiiig round eyes!

Though this has nice information, I'm not really fond of how the eye shapes are discussed. Every eye shape has its own uniqueness and beauty so to say it needs "correcting" (aside from the almond eyes) really bogs me down. :/

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