Makeup Tips for Women Who Wear Contacts ...


I’ve been wearing contacts for longer than I’ve been wearing makeup; so needless to say, I’ve learned how to work around my contacts when it comes to makeup. After countless eye doctor appointments and different samples of eye makeup, I think that I’ve finally found the code to wearing eye makeup without causing eye irritation or infections. Yes, it’s annoying that we even have to think about our eye makeup this much, but like I always say, it’s better than if I had to wear my glasses everywhere, and I’m sure you agree if you’re a dedicated contacts-wearer like I am!

1. Always Go Waterproof

Chances are that you rub your eyes a lot when you wear your contacts. At the very least, your eyes are probably always watering. Half the time, you probably put on makeup and wonder why you even bother, because an hour later it’s all gone. To try to combat that, make sure that all of the eye makeup you purchase is waterproof.

Try Samples before Purchasing
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