21 Gorgeous Smokey Eyes That Don't Involve Black ...


21 Gorgeous Smokey Eyes That Don't Involve Black ...
21 Gorgeous Smokey Eyes That Don't Involve Black ...

There's no denying that black smokey eyes are STUNNING but smokey eyes can be so much more! Check out these gorgeous looks to know what I mean...

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Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple


Explore the enchanting world of purple smokey eyes for a twist on the classic look. This regal hue comes in a myriad of shades from lavender to deep violet, perfectly catering to every skin tone and eye color. With its versatile range, you can create a subtle hint for daytime charm or layer it on for dramatic evening flair. Purple blends beautifully with silvers, golds, or even greens, giving you an endless palette to unleash your creativity. Dive into this trend to add a pop of color that's both mysterious and undeniably chic.


So Summery!


This picture showcases a stunning smokey eye look created using shades of purple and pink. The look is created with a combination of shimmery and matte eyeshadows, and is finished off with a dramatic winged liner. The end result is a soft, feminine smokey eye look that is perfect for any occasion. The look is versatile, and can be easily adapted to fit any skin tone or eye color. It is a great way to add a subtle pop of color to your makeup look, without going overboard.


Blue and Silver


Such a Gorgeous Combination!


This gorgeous combination of smokey eyes is a great way to spice up your look without having to use black. The combination of matte browns and shimmery golds create a warm, inviting look that is perfect for any occasion. The colors used in this look are easy to find and blend together for a beautiful finish. The addition of false eyelashes helps to give the look a more dramatic effect. This look can be achieved in just a few steps and is sure to be a hit at any event.


Shimmer Away


Hot Pink and Purple


For those daring to stray from the classic smokey eye, a blend of hot pink and deep purple can create a stunning visual impact. This combination works especially well for individuals with green or hazel eyes, as the contrasting hues can make the eye color pop dramatically. Start with a soft hot pink shadow, sweeping it across the lid, then deepen the crease and outer corner with a rich, matte purple. For a smoother transition, be sure to blend meticulously between the shades. Adding a little shimmer on the center can make the eyes glimmer enticingly under different lighting.


Gold and Brown


This alluring combination makes a subtle statement while still embracing the classic sultry effect of the iconic smokey eye. The warm, earthy tones of brown can create a soft, blended base that's perfect for daytime allure or a muted evening look. Adding a touch of gold brings a luxurious shimmer, highlighting the eyes and giving a radiant lift to the entire face. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated twist on the traditional smokey eye, without veering too far from its beloved roots. Pair with a nude lip and a sweep of bronzer to complete this understated yet glamorous style.


Warm Tones


For a softer take on the smokey eye trend, consider using eyeshadows in burnt oranges, rich coppers, or even a subtle hint of burgundy. The warmth of these hues can enhance eye colors, especially bringing out the golden flecks in brown eyes or the green in hazel eyes. Use a fluffy brush to blend these shades gently into the crease and under the lower lash line for a diffused, yet impactful look. The key to mastering this sophisticated style is seamless blending and a little bit of courage to move away from the traditional shades. Add a pearly highlight to the inner corners of the eyes to really make them pop.


So Fierce!


Copper is Fun


Copper eyeshadow can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your look, blending warmth and glamour for stylish sophistication. Unlike the stark intensity of black, copper tones offer a shimmery pop that's both chic and festive. Perfect for any season, this versatile hue can take you from a sun-kissed summer glow to the rich, cozy feel of autumn. When applied, copper shades catch the light to give your eyes a luminous, enchanting appeal, making it an exquisite choice for those who like to shine without the heaviness of darker palettes.


Subtle Smokey Eye


The subtle smokey eye is all about nuance and soft definition. Opt for hues like gentle browns, soft greys, or warm taupes to create a delicate yet mesmerizing look. By carefully blending the shadows, you achieve a more natural transition that enhances the eyes without overpowering them. The key is to keep the edges diffused for that perfect, dreamy effect. Remember, less is more when it comes to a subtle take on the smokey eye; let your natural beauty shine with just a whisper of smoke.


Isn't This Stunning?


The smokey eye look continues to captivate, but this time with an unexpected twist. The melding of shimmering coppers and warm bronzes creates a rich glow that highlights the eyes with a fierce, yet feminine allure. It's a vision of elegance that goes beyond the traditional, proving that smokey doesn't have to mean somber. Swapping black for these radiant hues not only brightens the eyes but also adds a touch of summer sun to any look, ensuring that your makeup is as unforgettable as a sunset.


This Fun Coachella Inspired Look


Evoke the warm desert hues and indie vibe of Coachella with this whimsical twist on the classic smokey eye. Mix rich browns with unexpected pops of color, like a daring metallic gold or a playful coral, to reflect the festival's spirited atmosphere. Add a touch of glitter on the center of the lids to catch the light and emulate the festival's energy. This creative take is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd while keeping their look grounded in earthy tones. Complete the look with a swipe of nude or pink lip gloss for a laid-back, yet stunning appearance.


Green and Silver


Pastel Beauty


The Pastel Beauty look replaces the traditional dark hues with softer, dreamy shades that are perfect for spring or a daytime event. With a gentle wash of lilac or a subtle hint of mint, this approach to the smokey eye adds an unexpected twist that's equally enchanting and refreshing. Transitioning from day to night is effortless, as these colors can be intensified with just a touch of deeper shadow in the crease or along the lash line. The result? An ethereal allure that captures attention without overwhelming your natural beauty.


Purple and Glitter


So Bold!




Love the Icy Blue Eyeliner!


Beautiful in Blue


Yellow and Purple

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such an inspiration!

I love the purple! I get intensely bright green eyes,purple makes them look even more gorgeous ❤️

Love the pastels, and the purple smokey eye has always been one of my faves Lancôme makes a awesome purple eye compact

Love these non black smokey eyes

Finally! Thank yoooouuuu

Where can I get tutorials to do this kind of make up?

Love the pink and oranges they were in last year too with peach. The copper is beautiful too, ad you can never go wrong with pastels

This look would be easy to do with the too faced PB&J pallet

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