Newest Makeup Tricks Most Girls Haven't Used before ...


Newest Makeup Tricks Most Girls Haven't Used before ...
Newest Makeup Tricks Most Girls Haven't Used before ...

When it comes to wearing makeup, you probably want the best look possible without having to spend tons of time and effort to get the job done. That’s why you need tricks in your arsenal that you can pull out anytime you want. You’ve probably heard a lot of them before, but sometimes a brand new one is all you need to take your look to an entirely new level. Here are some you may never have heard or tried before, thanks to the experts at Redbook magazine.

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Make Your Blush Look Totally Natural

Make Your Blush Look Totally Natural A natural dash of color on your cheeks is perfect, but it can be hard to master. The trick lies on the products you use. Experts suggest starting by applying color to just the apples of your cheeks using a damp makeup sponge. Use the same sponge to cover the blush with a bit of tinted moisturizer. The color will show through, but look like it’s more of your natural complexion.


Wear Two Kinds of Mascara

face, hair, black hair, beauty, brown hair, The idea behind this is the same one that works for giving your hair dimension. By layering two kinds of mascara on your lashes, you create the same look. Start by curling your lashes, then swipe on a coat of brown mascara. Then apply black mascara just at the base of your lashes. Then add black to just a few random lashes all the way to the tips. You are going to love this look!


Keep Pores Hidden with Ease

Keep Pores Hidden with Ease Big pores are something that most of us girls would rather not deal with, so minimizing them is something you might want to consider. While you can’t really get rid of them instantly, you can certainly cover them up so they aren’t so noticeable. Apply a pore minimizing cream to your skin, then apply your foundation. Spritz your face with water so the makeup settles into pores, helping smooth your skin and give you the flawless finish you’re craving.


Forget Shimmery Eye Shadow in Your Creases

Forget Shimmery Eye Shadow in Your Creases Wearing a different color in your creases is a good way to create a nice eye look, but shimmery shadows can really age you. Why? Because the shine tends to settle in fine lines, which start cropping up with age. That only makes them look more prominent. Instead, choose a matte eyeshadow color and you can get around this issue.


Lipstick before Lip Liner

Lipstick before Lip Liner Sounds crazy, right? It goes against everything you’ve ever done to do liner after the lipstick, but experts say you should definitely give it a try. Start by applying the lip color almost to the edges of your lips. Then use liner in the same shade to finish things off. This will keep the color from bleeding and give you a well-defined line all the way around your lips.


Keep Your Eyeshadow in Place with Loose Powder

Keep Your Eyeshadow in Place with Loose Powder Before you put on your eyeshadow, brush your lids with a bit of loose powder. This works sort of like a primer and helps keep your eyeshadow in place longer. Instead of sticking to your skin, the eyeshadow adheres to the powder, helping prevent fading, caking and settling. Easy, right?


Stock up on Cotton Swabs

Stock up on Cotton Swabs Mistakes when applying makeup happen and it really sucks when you have to start from scratch. Eliminate that problem by keeping a stash of cotton swabs in your cosmetics bag. You can use them for anything from smudged mascara to bleeding lipstick. They’re cheap and easy to use, so what are you waiting for?


Heat Your Eyelash Curler with a Hair Dryer to Curl Lashes Easier

eyebrow, face, hair, nose, cheek, Hot air will make curling your lashes easy and will last much longer. Wait until it cools slightly but is still warm to the touch, and clamp down on lashes to curl.


Draw a Slanted Hashtag with Your Eyeliner at the Outer Corner of Your Eye and Blend for an Instant Smokey Eye

face, hair, blue, person, woman, Short on time? Create a smokey eye in seconds with the hashtag symbol. Blend out with a smudger or your finger.


Apply Lash Glue to False Lashes with a Bobby Pin

hair, color, face, red, black hair, Using one bobby pin, apply glue evenly on the base of your falsies. Wait a few seconds to allow the glue to get tacky and apply. So easy!

Which of these tips are new to you? Are you excited to give these a try?

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