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8 Makeup Tips from Celebrity Icons ...

By Heather

Trying to pull makeup tips from celebrities isn't an easy task, as they don't give up their secrets all that often. There are some celebrities out there that just stand out and are known for their well-put together looks and below, I've got all of the makeup tips from celebrities and all of their iconic looks! So girls, you ready to see what makeup tips from celebrities that you can duplicate and pull off?

Table of contents:

  1. Ke$ha: glitter eyes
  2. Lady gaga: eyeliner tricks
  3. Rihanna: red lips
  4. Katy perry: pink eyeshadow
  5. Taylor swift: gold eyeshadow
  6. Emma stone: pink lips
  7. Selena gomez: easy chic makeup
  8. Miley cyrus: thin lines

1 Ke$ha: Glitter Eyes

Ke$ha is one of those celebrities that is known for her glitter-love. The girl is obsessed with glitter and I'm okay with that, especially when it's around her eyes! Glitter is in ladies and Ke$ha is proving it! This makeup tip from a celebrity is all about rockin' out with your glitter eyeshadow!

2 Lady Gaga: Eyeliner Tricks

Lady Gaga – she is such a fashion icon and she really changed the way that we think about makeup and what we wear. She lives, breathes and is a fashionista of the highest order. One of the makeup tips from celebrities that I have taken from LG is her eyeliner tricks. Geez, this girl really knows what she is doing when it comes to eyeliner! From the Judas video all the way to the Edge of Glory video, she looks beautiful! What's your favorite Lady Gaga eyeliner trick?

3 Rihanna: Red Lips

Rihanna is another one of the fashionista celebrities that I absolutely love! One of the makeup tips from celebrities that I took from her was her red, red, red lips. I love Rihanna in red lips, I think it fits her personality and she looks beautiful in red lips! So girls, flaunt those red lips!

4 Katy Perry: Pink Eyeshadow

I am actually a huge fan of pink eyeshadow. I think that it looks beautiful with any eye color and any eyeliner that you put with it, but Katy Perry taught me that you can actually pair pink eyeliner with violet hair and make it stand out! This makeup tip from a celebrity looks breathtaking on her. Do you ladies like her pink eyeshadow?

5 Taylor Swift: Gold Eyeshadow

Oh Taylor Swift, you are so cute, I don't think that I could ever have anything bad to say about you. I love her attitude, her style, her voice and how sweet she is! I also love the makeup tips from a celebrity that she gives out! Gold eyeshadow? It looks perfect with her baby blues!

6 Emma Stone: Pink Lips

Emma Stone is easily one of my favorite actresses. I love the green eyes, the beautiful red hair and I love that she's going to be in Spiderman. Another thing that I love is her pink lips! This makeup tip from a celebrity is all about flaunting the pink lips!

7 Selena Gomez: Easy Chic Makeup

Selena Gomez is easily one of the cutest celebs out there. Not only does she look like a no-effort type of girl, but her makeup is also so chic … and she doesn't wear a ton of it! So girls, just a dab of lipgloss, some eyeliner and mascara and you can be good to go!

8 Miley Cyrus: Thin Lines

Finally, the last makeup tips from celebrities that we're going to talk about is thin lines from Miley Cyrus! Miley is so cute, so perky and so much fun! Her eyeliner is too. Looking for an easy way to bring out your eyes? A thin sweep of eyeliner will do the trick!

There you have it ladies, all of the makeup tips from celebrities that you can handle! What other makeup tips from celebrities have you seen? Any I missed?

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