8 Makeup Tips for Fair Skin ...


8 Makeup Tips for Fair Skin ...
8 Makeup Tips for Fair Skin ...

If you have pale skin you may be looking for makeup tips for fair skin. I love the soft glow of porcelain skin. Check out these 8 makeup tips for fain skin for some great makeup advice.

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It makes sense that our first makeup tip for fair skin would start with foundation. If you choose the wrong foundation nothing else you do is going to look right. Try to find a neutral color that doesn’t have a strong undertone. Test a couple of different colors out on your face before choosing one that is best. If you need help don’t be afraid to ask one of the consultants behind the counter for advice.


Eye Shadow

If you are fair skinned, you aren’t going to want to go for a neutral look. Beige and cream colored eye shadows will only wipe you out. Instead try brighter colors. Blues and greens look great on light eyes. Rich browns, purples, and greys look good with darker eyes.


For a striking contrast that flatters your fair skin, venture into the metallics or shimmer range – think silver, gold, or champagne tones to give your eyes a playful sparkle. When you’re feeling bold, a swipe of electric blue or a smudge of emerald across the lash line can elevate your look from simple to sensational. Just remember, blending is key to a flawless finish. For a softer edge, use a blending brush to diffuse brighter shades into the crease, creating a beautiful gradation that enhances your features without overwhelming them.



Don’t opt for light eyeliner. It’s not going to look good. Instead go for a darker color. One way to do this is to choose eyeliner that is a shade or two darker than your eye shadow.



It’s amazing what a little mascara can do for the eyes. Black is by far the best color to choose. Going with a brown won’t give your eyes the same pop. Follow this makeup tip for fair skin to really make your eyes stand out.



One very important makeup tip for fair skin is always wear blush. Blush is so important because it gives the skin a little color. You don’t have to apply the blush real heavy. Just give your cheeks a little soft color.



Bronzer can give your fair skin a nice glow. The trick to putting on bronzer is to apply to your cheek bones, on your chin, nose, and corners of your forehead.


Lip Color

If you have light skin you may ask about makeup tip for fair skin when choosing the right lip color. Stay away from neutral colors. They will make you look more like the living dead than anything else. Personally I love the way bright reds look on pale skin.


Nail Color

The same rule applies for nail color. Go with beautiful reds and corals over light colors that blend in with your skin. Bolder colors are show to pop and get you noticed.

I hope you have found these makeup tips for fair skin useful. I look forward to hearing how my advice has helped you. Also if you have any other beauty tips please share them.

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I'm looking for tips on how to do the winged eyeliner....I just can't seem to get it right no matter how many pictures I stare at lol !

Oops...I also wanted to say that I am a fair skinned redhead and I wear both black liner and mascara all the time....I think it looks great...don't let stereotypes make you afraid to try something "out of the redhead box" lol....just my thoughts :)

So... dark eye makeup and very colourful lips? With bronzer, blush, -and- foundation? It seems... a bit much. Just because we're fair doesn't mean we need to fake everything with makeup. Even more so, a lot of the fair-skinned population consists of gingers/redheads. Like myself. Earlier, in a post about makeup for redheads, it asks for light, neutral colours. Kind of goes against this entire post, right? I don't know. I think rather than heavy-ing up on the bold and brilliant makeups, fair, creamy skin should be as natural as possible. Although the world thinks tan is better, pale skin is beautiful, definitely healthier, and I think it looks gorgeous without caking on makeup. Just my opinion~

For me this just seems to be an overview of makeup..women of every color wear all of these things.

Is there a type of primer or something that will keep your make up from wearing away during the day?

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