7 Fantastic Make up Tricks for Dark Skin ...

Makeup tricks for dark skin you’re about to read will help you nail that celebrity-like perfection without too much effort, explaining basics while giving you a few interesting suggestions and ideas to play with. And whether you’re new to the whole makeup world and have no idea which makeup trick for dark skin to chuck and which to use or an experienced makeup junkie with an extensive knowledge on pro makeup tricks, you’ll definitely find at least one neat trick to add to your list of must-do’s! So, check them out and check them out now as these useful makeup tricks and tips are a keeper:

1. Choose Your Foundation Wisely

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Now, this probably can’t qualify as one of the most surprising tricks for dark skin, or any other skin for that matter, in the book but it’s something I must put first, the reason, of course, being the fact that foundation is the most important thing there is. Get it right and you’ll look fabulous even if you won’t be following up with nothing more than a bit of mascara and a coat of clear lip gloss. Get it wrong and no amount of super-awesome pro makeup tricks will be able to undo the damage. Pay very close attention to undertones ladies, as they are the ones to ensure a perfect fit and have in mind that having dark skin doesn’t necessarily mean you in the “warm skin tone” group. Check the veins on the inside of your arm – if they seem green you should experiment with warm red, yellow, orange and golden undertones, if they seen blue, purple or ashy you should try foundations with cool undertones such as blue, pink and cool reds. Your undertone can also be classified as “neutral” meaning that your skin tone is a combination of both warm and cool tones which is actually a great thing, as it allows you to take a “pinch” out of both worlds.

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