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21 Makeup Tricks for Eyeglass Wearing Girls ...

By Heather

Makeup tips for eyeglass wearers are hard to find all grouped together. Believe me, I’ve tried! I’ve scoured all over the internet and I’ve pulled together the top 21 makeup tips for eyeglass wearers so that you girls with eyeglasses can make the most of your prescription fashion accessories! So ladies, you ready to take a look at the top 21 makeup tips for eyeglass wearers?

Table of contents:

  1. Stay neutral
  2. Save bright bold colors for your lips
  3. Don't be scared to use mascara
  4. Gel liner
  5. Thick frames? thicker eyeliner
  6. Thin frames? thin eyeliner
  7. Don't forget the blush
  8. Shimmer color on your lower lid
  9. Double the liner for smoky eyes
  10. Smudged eyeliner
  11. Define your brows with eyebrow pencils
  12. Shape your brows
  13. Pay attention to your prescription
  14. Eyes appear smaller? use liner all the way around
  15. Eyes appear bigger? light eyeliner
  16. Cat eye eyeliner
  17. Eyelash curler
  18. Brighten up under eyes
  19. Great complexion
  20. Highlight cheekbones
  21. Double mascara

1 Stay Neutral

When you are an eyeglass wearer, you are super lucky because you can actually stay pretty neutral with your eye makeup. The reasoning behind this is that your bright colors won’t really be seen behind those fashionable eyeglasses.

2 Save Bright Bold Colors for Your Lips

One of the top makeup tips for eyeglass wearers is to save those bright and bold colors for your lips! Want a pop of pink? Do it on your lips! What about some violet? Your lips! It’ll make all of the difference ladies!

3 Don't Be Scared to Use Mascara

A lot of the makeup tips for eyeglass wearers that I read said mascara is bad and will stick against the lenses of your glasses – this is a myth. Mascara will only highlight your eyes and really bring them out from behind your glasses, so mascara it up!

4 Gel Liner

Gel liner is actually one of the best liners for eyeglass wearers – it’s also one of the top makeup tips for eyeglass wearers! Gel liner is one of my favorite liners. Not only does it stay on, but it’s super easy to apply too! My favorite? Of course, Maybelline’s gel liner!

5 Thick Frames? Thicker Eyeliner

Did you know that if you have thicker framed eyeglasses, your eyeliner should mimic that? This tiny makeup tip for eyeglass wearers is a secret that I am blowing out of the water. So girls with thicker frames, make sure that your eyeliner compliments your thicker frames!

6 Thin Frames? Thin Eyeliner

The same goes for thin frames! If you have thinner frames, don’t be scared to thin out that eyeliner and go with light lines!

7 Don't Forget the Blush

Another makeup tip for eyeglass wearers all revolves around blush! Add a bit of color to your face and get that warm summer glow with a little bit of pink along the apples of your cheeks.

8 Shimmer Color on Your Lower Lid

The great thing about glasses is that they actually magnify your eyes a little, so adding a bit of shimmer to your lower lid is a great way to draw people in! This makeup tip for eyeglass wearers is totally one that I use all of the time too! Try it and see how many compliments you get!

9 Double the Liner for Smoky Eyes

Ladies, just because you have eyeglasses on, doesn’t mean that you have to ditch the smoky eyes! Just double the liner to make sure that it shows up and you’ll see how beautiful your smoky eyes look behind your glasses.

10 Smudged Eyeliner

This is another makeup tip for eyeglass wearers that I still use all of the time – smudged liner! Just a little smudge along the upper lid or lower lid will really draw people into your eyes.

11 Define Your Brows with Eyebrow Pencils

It all depends on how small or large your lenses are, but you can actually use your eyebrows to draw people to your eyes. Just a little eyeliner pencil along your arch can really go a long way!

12 Shape Your Brows

Also, when you wear eyeglasses, you want to make sure that you are shaping your eyebrow to your frame. That way they will stand out!

13 Pay Attention to Your Prescription

When you wear eyeglasses, you’ve got to pay attention to your prescription and how your eyeglasses look on your face, that way you’ll be able to play and see what makeup tips for eyeglass wearers actually work for you specifically! So take time in front of the mirror and play.

14 Eyes Appear Smaller? Use Liner All the Way around

Do your eyes appear a lot smaller because of your glasses? Make sure that you really make them pop out by using eyeliner all around your eyes!

15 Eyes Appear Bigger? Light Eyeliner

Do your eyes appear a lot bigger because of your glasses? Use just a little bit of liner and don’t go all the way around. It’ll actually make your eyes appear smaller and more natural!

16 Cat Eye Eyeliner

I actually love this makeup tip for eyeglass wearers because so many of us forget, we can actually play with our eyeliner! Just the smallest little tip upward or a natural cat-eye is a great way to really make your eyes stand out.

17 Eyelash Curler

Don’t want to wear mascara? No worries at all, you can use an eyelash curler and actually get almost the same effect!

18 Brighten up under Eyes

A little highlighter cream or even some powder can really go a long way when you are brightening up your under eyes! Just use a small amount and you’ll see a difference!

19 Great Complexion

When you have glasses, it can be difficult for you to really make your eyes stand out, but your complexion will! Girls, use a great foundation and really highlight your complexion and how flawless your skin looks!

20 Highlight Cheekbones

Your cheekbones, as I mentioned with the blush tip are part of highlighting your makeup! Use a little highlighter or even use a lighter foundation around your cheekbones to highlight them!

21 Double Mascara

Finally, use double mascara whenever you are trying to really make your eyes stand out behind your frames! Coating your lashes in at least two coats of mascara can really make your eyes stand out beautifully!

There you have it ladies, my top 21 makeup tips for eyeglass wearers! Did I miss any? Do you have any more makeup tips for eyeglass wearers? Share them!

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