8 Marvelous Tips on How to Contour Your Face ...


8 Marvelous Tips on How to Contour Your Face ...
8 Marvelous Tips on How to Contour Your Face ...

Learning how to contour your face isn't easy, especially if you are a beginner! You asked ladies and we're here to deliver! Below, I've got the top 8 tips on how to contour your face so that you can feel confident doing it! So girls, you ready to learn how to contour your face easily and quickly? Let's take a look!

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What is Contouring?

The very first thing that you'll need to learn about is what exactly is contouring? It's all about the shading ladies! It's an illusion that your nose is smaller, that your don't have a double chin, that your face isn't really shaped the way that it is. Now that you know exactly what contouring is, let's talk about how to contour your face!



When you are first learning how to contour your face, you're going to want to make sure that you are using primer. That way, your shading will stand in place and you won't have to worry about your makeup moving! For me, Urban Decay's makeup primer is the best. It makes my makeup stay on all day, no matter what temperature it is!


Use Your Fingers

One of the tricks on how to contour your face is all about using your fingers! While a brush can be great for some things, when you are contouring, using your fingers can actually warm the product up and allow it to glide on smoother. Now, you only need to use your fingers on the contouring shade, after that, a brush would probably be best.


Contouring Shade, Two Shades Darker

Ideally, your contouring shade is a shade that is about two shades darker than your typical foundation. The reason for this is because you can actually use it to get rid of your double-chins and even give the illusion of a smaller nose. It all depends on exactly where you put it!


Highlighting Powder, Two Shades Lighter

When I refer to highlighting powder, you should get a powder that is about two shades lighter than your foundation, that way you can really highlight and accentuate the areas you want. Trust me ladies, this how to contour your face tip really does work!


Where to Contour

Now, if you are new to contouring and are really trying to learn how to contour your face, you've got to learn where to contour. This is a personal decision. Do you want to contour your double chin out? Want to make your face appear less round? Want to make your eyes smaller? It's all about what you want!


Apply Contouring Shade along Your Nose

When you do want to make your nose look smaller, you want to apply the contouring shade along the sides of your nose, along with the tip of your nose. You also want to use it in the crease of your eyelid. This is the first step when you are just learning how to contour your face.


Highlight the Bridge of Your Nose

Next up, you want to use the highlighting powder under the bridge of your nose, above your cheekbones and right above your lips and along your jawline. This will offset the shading and will make a stark contrast. The key to learning how to contour your face is all about blending ladies!

So there you have it! You asked us for it and we got it, the top 8 tips on how to contour your face! So beginners, tell me, did this help? What other how to contour your face tips do you ladies have?

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Sorry I'm just coming accross this article, but my foundation is the darkest color, how do I contour then? When there's no more darker colours?

When she said it wasn't easy, she wasn't kidding. :P I HAVE to try this out. :)

@dolapo I you cannot find a darker contouring shade, I suggest you just concentrate on highlighting. Have you heard of strobing ? It's basically heavy highlighting haha, NikkieTutorials does a great video on strobing If I may suggest.Anyway, best of luck ! ;)

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