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Flawless skin tips are hard to come by aren't they? It's hard work to keep your skin looking absolutely flawless all of the time right? Wrong ladies! I've got the low down on the top flawless skin tips right here and I'm going to share! So, let's take a look at the top 8 flawless skin tips right here!

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When you're looking to make sure that your makeup stays completely flawless all day, using primer is a must! That way, your foundation will stay in place, your eye makeup won't run and your mascara will look beautiful all day! If you want the top flawless skin tip, using primer is it!


Choose Foundation Wisely

Next up is using foundation wisely. When I say wisely, I mean you have to pick the texture that fits your skin type and also the right shade, which is what we'll get into in the next tip. Foundation is so, so important but you just want to make sure you're choosing the one that fits you!


Pick Your Right Shade

Remember when I said that foundation is one of the most important flawless skin tips? Well, choosing the right shade is a big part of that! After all, you want to make sure that you're choosing a shade that matches your skin completely and that you aren't going to have any contouring lines!


Apply Sparingly

When you are using foundation, there is no need to go overboard on it! In fact, just a few dime size flat dots around your face should fill in every line and look flawless! This is one of the biggest flawless skin tips here!


Involve Your Fingers

Now, this is actually one of the flawless skin tips that I wouldn't have thought of – using your fingers to apply your foundation instead of a sponge. The reason you should use your fingers I sbecause it will prevent any harsh lines and will make the layer super thin!


Use a Sponge

So – what can you use a sponge for? Well, a clean and damp makeup sponge can actually help eliminate any noticable wrinkles that you have! Just blend in with the sponge around your nose, mouth and eyes and you'll see a huge difference!


What Imperfections?

Face it, everyone has imprefections on their face. I have a freckles and those, to me, are imperfections. How do I hide my freckles? Well, I actually use a yellow-based foundation to neturalize them! If you have a lot of reddness in your cheeks, you can use the same trick! This is definitely one of the flawless skin tips that a lot of people don't know about!


Powder It up

Finally, make sure that you use some loose powder so that you can lock everything in. You want to dip your large, fluffy little brush into loose, translucent powder. Tap off the excess and dust the powder all over your face! It'll make it look flawlessly beautiful!

So ladies, now that you've got the low-down on the best flawless skin tips, what tips do you have? Did I miss any flawless skin tips that you've tried? Share 'em below!

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