9 Make up Tricks for a Picture Perfect Face ...


9 Make up Tricks for a Picture Perfect Face ...
9 Make up Tricks for a Picture Perfect Face ...

How to be picture perfect without having to pay big bucks for professional make up? Well, it’s actually quite simple and, believe me, once you read these make up tricks, you’ll really start to enjoy doing your own makeup! So, what are you waiting for? Check out this list and find a make up trick that will make your face camera-ready:

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Flawless Skin

Flawless Skin You will need: Total coverage liquid foundation -at least 2-3 shades lighter than your skin), Liquid foundation that matches your skin tone, Translucent powder.

Break-outs, dark spots, redness… all of these common problems (that usually occur the morning of the big event) are completely solvable! Clean and exfoliate your face thoroughly, then use your fingers to apply the lightest shade of total coverage foundation of choice. Total coverage foundations are quite heavy so once you’ve applied it, wash your hands and use clean, completely dry fingers to really work the foundation into every crease. Okay, so you’re probably as pale as your grandma’s china by now and the only good thing about it is the fact that you can’t see any imperfections (which, unfortunately can be said for your eyebrows and lip-line as well). No worries- now it’s time to apply your standard foundation and, once you do that, you’ll notice that your face looks completely normal (minus the imperfections, of course). Blend it in well then seal the look by applying translucent power! Voila!


Fuller Lips

Fuller Lips You will need: Lip pencil, lipstick, Translucent powder, Lip gloss
We’re moving on to the lips and the next of my make up tricks is going to show you how to make them appear perfectly symmetric and perfectly luscious! Outline your lips using lip pencil that either matches your lipstick color or is one shade darker, making sure you don’t trace the actual line but the imaginary line that’s just a little bit above or below your natural lip line. Now carefully apply your lipstick using a lip brush to blend the lipstick and lip liner. Take a tissue (or a piece of toilet paper), fold it in half, place it between your lips and gently press the lips together. Apply translucent powder over the whole area before adding another layer of lipstick then remove the excess by repeating the tissue trick. Finish your look by applying lip gloss to only the center of both lower and upper lip.


Perfect Nose

Perfect Nose You will need: 2 matte cake or powder foundations (one: shade lighter than your skin tone, other: shade darker than your skin tone) or 2 concealers (same rules apply).

This make up trick is a piece of cake, extremely versatile and will help you have a perfectly-shaped nose without the help of a professional makeup artist! The technique in question is very similar to air-brushing and involves applying darker shade to the areas you want to make slimmer and lighter shade to the areas you want to point out. A broad nose will appear much slimmer if you sweep the darker shade around its sides and use a lighter one to accent its center, narrow nose needs a reversed procedure to appear wider while long nose needs a sweep of darker concealer around and between the nostrils and on the tip.


To achieve the perfect nose illusion, start by dabbing the lighter foundation down the center of your nose, blending well. Then, apply the darker tone along the sides, ensuring no harsh lines are visible by blending thoroughly. Use a precision brush or a beauty blender for more control. Remember, highlighting tops and contouring sides can redefine your nose shape with ease. For a finishing touch, set your masterpiece with a translucent powder to keep it flawless throughout the day. This method proves simplicity is key to a naturally sculpted look that stands out in every selfie.


Flawless Cheek Bones

Flawless Cheek Bones You Will Need: A bronzer, A blush, Big fluffy brush, Fan brush
Having a round face that tends to look even rounder whenever I smile, I had to learn how to be picture perfect the moment I’ve started doing my makeup. It helped me achieve that killer bone structure my natural face was lacking, I got to save a lot of cash by doing my own special event/party makeup and I must admit my face never looked «fake» or too «made up». And here’s what to do! First of all, dip your fluffy brush into a bronzer then suck your cheeks in and simply follow that natural dent using light, sweeping motions. Always sweep up, starting at the corner of your mouth and going all the way up towards your cheek bones. Now use a fan brush and a shimmery blush to add some color to your cheekbones or, in case you prefer a more subtle look, simply replace the blush with a light, luminous powder.


Huuuge Eyes

Huuuge Eyes You Will Need: White eye pencil, Highlighter, Shimmery White Eyeshadow
Want more cool make up tricks? Well, here’s one make up trick you’ll love! After all, which girl doesn’t want a set of big dreamy eyes? And in order to get them start by applying highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes. Once you’ve done that, apply your eye-shadow however you like, then add a dab of very shiny, flesh-color or white eye-shadow to the centers of your upper and lower lid and to the inner corner of your eye. Blend lightly using a clean brush or a sponge applicator before applying white eye pencil to your lower waterline.


Perfectly Shaped Eyes

Perfectly Shaped Eyes You Will Need: A highlighter, Dark eye-shadow, Light eye-shadow
Anyone can have perfect eyes and droopy eyelids, the so-called «sad eyes» or eyes that appear to be bulging out don’t have to trouble you any longer! The rule here is pretty simple – choose light colors to accent the areas that need to appear wider and dark colors to create the illusion of a crease. Never pull your eyelids up while applying makeup because you won’t be able to tell if the line you’re shading is going to look good once you release them. And, in order to turn sad, droopy eyes into sexy cat eyes simply use a darker eye-shadow to create that curvy, upwards-facing line and «hide» the droopy corner using a light, flesh-color eye-shadow.


Long Lasting Matte Perfection

Long Lasting Matte Perfection You Will Need: Loose powder/Matte cake foundation
My list of tips on how to be picture perfect just wouldn’t be complete without a few tips on how to achieve a perfectly matte, long lasting complexion! But let me ask you something – which part of your face greases up the first? Well, next time you want to do a complete, professional looking makeup remember not to apply moisturizer to that part. That should give you at least an hour or two more before the shine starts showing through! But let’s kick it up a notch- apply a coat of matte cake powder to seal your liquid foundation and your face will be shine-proof all night long!


Shimmery Cheekbones

Shimmery Cheekbones You will need: highlighter powder, blush, bronzing powder, blush brush

High cheekbones come naturally to some people and as we've already mentioned, they offer that sleek, prominent look to the sides of the face that looks sexy, sophisticated and glamorous. But what about a good shimmer? Shimmery cheekbones, when done subtly, add that rare sparkle and glow that makes your face look alive. All you need to do is apply foundation as normal, and then apply a light colored highlighter powder just on the top rim of your cheekbones, starting at the tops of your cheek and extending to the hairline upward. Then, apply your bronzing powder right above it, and then your blush in the same manner. Blend everything together with a larger powder brush just for a few seconds, and you've got instantly higher cheekbones, naturally.


Long Lashes

Long Lashes What you need: Loreal Voluminous mascara, fake eyelashes ( optional), and an eyelash curler

If you don't have long lashes, don't worry because I don't either. Yet, I figured out how to get them! If you're up for wearing fake lashes, I highly recommend them. I buy the whole strips if I'm going somewhere really fancy, or if I have a photo shoot. First, curl your lashes with the eyelash curler and then pply the fake lashes just on the tops of your lashes. Finish with your mascara and you're on your way to long lovely lashes that will turn heads everywhere! If you don't want to weark fake lashes, just use the curler and the Loreal mascara. This mascara has been the best I've tried out of way too many to count, to offer long lashes that don't flake or wear off during the day.

There you go ladies! No need to spend your money on a pro makeup artist every time you want to look fabulous and oh-so-camera-ready! Now you know how to be picture perfect and I bet you’ll want to give these make up tips a try right now!

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That's a lot of make up to wear...what ever happened to loving yourself no matter what you look like and natural beauty?

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