8 Makeup Tricks for Teenage Girls ...

By Heather

8 Makeup Tricks for Teenage Girls ...

Finding the right makeup tricks for teenagers isn't easy. There are so many makeup tricks out there and so much makeup period. If you're a teenager and you're looking for some awesome makeup tricks for teeangers, look no further! I've got the top 8 makeup tricks for teenagers below! We're going to talk all about how the skin is different and how to make sure that you aren't looking like you are wearing a ton of makeup!

Table of contents:

  1. no foundation
  2. use concealer
  3. use powder to tone it down
  4. light eye makeup
  5. waterproof mascara
  6. pencil eyeliner
  7. light blush
  8. lip gloss over lipstick

1 No Foundation

First and foremost, when you are a teenager you don't need to wear foundation. The reasoning behind this is because you have beautiful skin! It's absolutely flawless and there is no reason to cake anything onto it. So ladies, the first makeup trick for teenagers is to nix all of the foundation that you are using.

2 Use Concealer

Instead of foundation, instead you should stick with concealer. Let's say that you have some blemishes that you're looking to cover up, instead of dotting on the foundation, just use a bit of concealer to cover up those trouble spots! Ladies, this is truly one of the makeup tricks for teenagers to follow!

3 Use Powder to Tone It down

Powder can actually tone down the color of your cheeks or even hide some of the concealer that you put on. If you're looking for a way to tone it down ladies, make sure that you're using your powder! Just a few dots and dabs of powder and you'll be in business!

4 Light Eye Makeup

When it comes to teenager makeup, you have to make sure that you don't look like you are wearing too much. This means that going with lighter colors is going to benefit any eye color and look beautiful and flawless! So young girls, make sure that you stay away from the heavy, heavy eye makeup!

5 Waterproof Mascara

Now, I am 28 and even I follow this rule. I don't buy a mascara unless it is waterproof, so this typically goes for any girl that is wearing makeup, but for young girls especially. This is one of those makeup tricks for teenagers that a lot of people don't think about, but it'll help keep your lashes in check when it's wet!

6 Pencil Eyeliner

Remember what I said about going light on the eye makeup? This includes using eyeliner. You shouldn't be using things like deep cream eyeliners or gel eyeliners, stick to a pencil liner and you should be okay! Seriously girls, try some of these makeup tricks for teenagers and I promise that you'll love them!

7 Light Blush

So I'm pretty pale, so I definitely need to amp up my makeup a little bit and when you're young, if you don't have incredible skin, you can brighten it on up by just adding in a little bit of blush! Just apply some of the cream blush (not too dark) to the apples of your cheeks and I promise, that you'll look beautiful!

8 Lip Gloss over Lipstick

Finally, as you can see, there are tons of different makeup tricks for teenagers, you just have to find the ones that work best for you! Lip gloss over lipstick is one of the newest trends and it will make your lips look so lusicious!

Teenage skin is so much different than any other skin out there! It's so young, so fresh and so beautiful and you have to be careful about which makeup tricks for teenagers you are using! So ladies, what makeup tricks for teenagers did I miss? Any that you use? Tell me!

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