Makeup Tutorials for Girls with Hooded Eyelids ...


Makeup Tutorials for Girls with Hooded Eyelids ...
Makeup Tutorials for Girls with Hooded Eyelids ...

Hooded lids don’t mean you can’t rock a great makeup look on your eyes. There’s beauty in every eye shape and size, but learning how to enhance what your mama gave you can get you the exact look you want. Sure, I could tell you how to get your makeup right if you have hooded lids, but isn’t it better to watch it being done so you can just copy the looks you love best. Start with these tutorials and you should be well on your way to the look you crave. Have fun!

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All the do’s and Don’ts

If you’re frustrated with trying to get your eyes just right, this tutorial will tell all the ways you should and shouldn’t apply your makeup. This is a great place to start because you’ll know what to do and what to avoid. Stephanie Lange makes it super simple to get started making your hooded lids totally pop.


Glowy Hooded Eyes

No matter what your eyes look like, you will love a good glowy makeup application. It will make your eyes stand out in the best way. Follow along with Jasmine Hand as she teaches you exactly how to do this on hooded lids. The easy step by step directions will have you going from drab to fab in mere minutes. Hooray!


Smoky Eye for Hooded Lids

Every girl should know how do a sexy smoky eye and Tina Yong will teach you how to get the look right if you have hooded lids. She makes it super simple by telling you exactly what to do from start to finish. Turn this tutorial on and you’ll be ready for anything in just a few minutes. This is a great video if you’re a beginner to eye makeup. You’re going to love it!


The Straight Line Technique

I personally think that girls of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, but I also understand that covering up perceived “flaws” can make you feel better about facing the world. If you have hooded eyes and want them to look flawless all the time, this video can help. It’s easy to follow and will give you the results you want without any frustration or anger. Perfect!


Everyday Makeup for Hooded Lids

Stephanie Lange saves the day again with this video. She’ll teach you how to create a perfect look for day, whether you’re going to the office or heading to the mall with friends. The look is easy to master and is gorgeous enough to carry you right into whatever you’re planning to do at night.


The Ultimate Hooded Eye Tutorial

Watch this video from Wayne Goss to get anything and everything you’ve ever needed or wanted for making up hooded lids. This guy is full of tips and tricks and he gives them all to you in under 5 minutes. What more could you want?


The Best Makeup Tutorial

You’ll have to watch this for yourself to decide if it’s the best in your book or not. Regardless, it has a wealth of great information for helping you apply makeup to your hooded eyes. Just follow along and you’ll have a great look that will make you stand out in the best way. Get ready for some compliments to come your way!

What’s your best makeup tip for hooded eyes?

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Alissa Ashley is bomb when it comes to hooded eyes too. #ZiaAlexisSentYou!

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