Easy Makeup Tutorials That Will Delight Brown-Eyed Girls ...


Easy Makeup Tutorials That Will Delight Brown-Eyed Girls ...
Easy Makeup Tutorials That Will Delight Brown-Eyed Girls ...

Brown eyes are lovely and much more common than green eyes. That doesn’t mean you are born knowing how to apply makeup to your brown eyes, but the truth is that knowing the colors and techniques that work best for eye color can go a long way toward helping you look your best. Sometimes learning how to do this is easier when you can follow along with a video. That’s why I’ve gathered these great tutorials for you to use. You’ll be the best looking brown eyed girl in town!

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Perfect Smokey Eye

No matter your eye color, knowing how to do a smokey eye will serve you well. It’s a technique that gives your eyes drama, while also opening them up and making you look wide eyed and lovely. Brown makeup against brown eyes has a great effect and this tutorial from Teni Panosian helps you master the look with ease.


This tutorial is perfect for brown-eyed girls looking to enhance their natural eye color. The smokey eye technique not only adds drama to your look, but also helps to open up and brighten your eyes. The tutorial, created by beauty expert Teni Panosian, is easy to follow and perfect for beginners. Brown makeup works particularly well with brown eyes, making this tutorial a must-see for those with this eye color. By following these simple steps, you can master the smokey eye look and add it to your makeup routine for a stunning and versatile look.


Matte Eyes and Glowing Skin

A matte finish when it comes to makeup is all the rage right now and getting the look on your eyes is an easy way to give it a try and see if you like it. This is another perfect tutorial from Teni Panosian that will help you make your brown eyes pop for whatever the day holds, whether it’s work, brunch with the girls or cruising the mall with your kids.


How to Make Brown Eyes Stand out

Camila Bravo does a great job of showing you just how awesome your brown eyes can look when you know how to get your makeup on just right. She gives you an easy step by step look at how to apply your cosmetics so that your brown eyes stand out. Bravo uses a small number of products so that you can get the look without having to stuff your makeup bag with things to get the job done.


Five Different Looks

If you’re not the kind of girl that doesn’t want to do the same look all the time, this tutorial from NaturallyBellexo is here to save the day. The video goes through a whopping five different looks specially designed for brown eyed girls. Each of the looks is easy to do and will help you get the look you want for any event, from work to a night out on the town with your friends.


A Natural Look

Want something more natural for day to day wear? This video from Gisela Cruz is the one for you. She has lovely brown eyes and she’ll show you, from start to finish, how to enhance them so they always look great without having to put on a ton of makeup. This look is perfect for the office or any daytime occasion.


For Dark Brown Eyes

Brown eyes come in a variety of shades and if your peepers are on the dark end of the spectrum, you need this video. It will help you apply your eye makeup in such a way that your deep brown eyes will totally pop. The Makeup Chair hosts this channel so you know it’s going to be something you can do with ease.


For Beginners

If you’re new to wearing makeup, this tutorial from The Makeup Chair is one you can’t afford not to watch. It’s loaded with tips for getting makeup just right and products that will help you do the job. If you only watch one tutorial, this should be it.


Purple Makeup for Brown Eyes

Purple makes brown eyes pop! She'll take you step by step on what shades to use and where to place them on your eyelids. The end result is perfect for going out with your girls.


Everyday "Bright Eye" Makeup Tutorial

Wear it anywhere from a business meeting or dinner out, it's fresh and super on trend. This is a great neutral eye with a pop of shimmer to create bigger, brighter eyes.


This everyday "Bright Eye" makeup tutorial is perfect for brown-eyed girls who want to look fresh and on-trend. It's a great neutral eye look with a pop of shimmer that will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. The tutorial is simple and easy to follow, and the look can be worn to any occasion, from a business meeting to a dinner out. All you need is a few basic makeup products, and you'll be ready to rock this eye look.


Plum Matte Eyeshadows

The secret to creating a clean line is with tape! Simply secure at an angle and remove when you're finished. Your brown eyes are sure to stand out with these dark eyeshadows. Also, she has amazing tips on how to fill in your brows to frame your eyes. The end look is absolutely gorgeous!

Which one is your favorite? What brown eyed makeup tips can you share?

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