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Discover Your Signature Makeup Look with These 7 Beauty Hints ...

By Alicia

We’ve all observed women that have a dramatic signature look with their makeup. You can’t help but envy them for having found their style. You may feel a little unsure when it comes to makeup or be searching for a style that’s all your own. These’re 7 beauty hints to help you do just that.

1 Determine Your Most Dazzling Feature

hair, hairstyle, black hair, beauty, model,What’s your best feature? Figuring that out gives you direction on where you want the focus to go when it comes to your makeup. Do you have gorgeous eyes? Beautiful cheekbones? Maybe you have full, luscious lips. Whatever your best feature is, that’s where you want the most attention to go when you do your makeup.

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2 Recreate the Makeup Look That Always Catches Your Eye

eyebrow, hair, hairstyle, model, beauty,There’ve been so many various and unique styles of makeup over the years. Is there a specific style that always catches your eye? Maybe it’s a certain person’s style that you always notice. For me, I always crush on Adele’s makeup. The dramatic cat eye paired with a nude lip gets me every time. Whatever style you’re drawn to is one you should try out for yourself.

3 Don’t Limit Yourself

eyebrow, hair, person, model, hairstyle,I want to let you in on a little secret here. You don’t have to have only one signature style. It’s completely okay to have 2 looks you go back and forth with, or even 3. For example, you might have an everyday makeup look and a night out look. Most women do have a couple different “styles within their style” looks.

4 Consider Your Eye and Hair Color

hair, blond, color, hairstyle, woman,I’m a fair skinned blonde with blue eyes. There’re some makeup looks that aren’t going to be as flattering on me as they are on exotic and lovely brunettes. It’s best to consider what you’ve personally got to work with and choose what’s most complimentary to that. There’re no rules in makeup. You can wear whatever you wish but if you want to wear what’s most flattering, step back and evaluate what looks best with your individual features.

5 Remember Compliments Are Revealing

hair, person, blond, hairstyle, black hair,Compliments do more than make you feel good. They can reveal what looks best on you. If you always receive a compliment when you wear a certain color of lipstick then you can trust that it’s something special on you. Other people have the advantage of seeing you with fresh eyes. You may not notice how flattering something is on yourself but others can see it easily.

6 Notice the Colors You’re Attracted to and Make Them Work for You

person, black hair, arm, JUe,What colors are you attracted to? For example, I love plum lippies but they don’t always look great on me. But I can get by with wearing them in a lighter, sheerer form. It’s all a matter of finding the right shade and formula for you. If you love a smoky eye, don’t give up if it doesn’t look right the first time. Keep trying with different shades and techniques until you find an option that works.

7 Allow Your Signature Look to Evolve and Change as Time Goes by

hair, eyebrow, model, hairstyle, photo shoot,Once you find your signature look, don’t get too locked in. Embrace your style but allow room for it to change and evolve. If you don’t, you risk your makeup looking outdated as time goes by. You can keep your style but be sure to keep it current.

These’re some hints to help you find your signature style of makeup. What direction is your signature style going? I’d love to talk makeup with you!

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