17 Step Makeup Guide for Girls Who Are Dying to Look like Kylie Jenner ...


17 Step Makeup Guide for Girls Who Are Dying to Look like Kylie Jenner ...
17 Step Makeup Guide for Girls Who Are Dying to Look like Kylie Jenner ...

Great news! You no longer need to lust over Kylie's flawless makeup in all her Instagram pics because we have an easy step-by-step guide to getting her look right here!

All you need is the products listed below or ones that are pretty similar in terms of achieving the same look and you're good to go!

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Begin by mixing Make Up Forever's 'Ultra HD' foundation with Urban Decay's 'Complexion Perfector' and reap the rewards of using two different products to make your skin glow!


Brow Pencil

Next Kylie opts for the Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Brow Wiz' in the shade 'Caramel'. Kylie chooses medium brown as this will keep her brows looking totally on fleek no matter what her hair colour is!


Crème Concealer

Kylie gently dabs a little bit of Becca Cosmetics' 'Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme' below her brow line with a thin makeup brush for a sharp finish.


Setting Powder

What do you always have to do after applying concealer? Set it, of course! Be just like Kylie and use Laura Mercier's 'Translucent Loose Setting Powder' to set it flawlessly.



Kylie didn't reveal the colour, shade or brand for her eyeshadow choice (sob) so we can only hope that she will make this known soon so we can keep picking up her favourites!

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It's time to get rid of those cheeky under-eye circles and any unwanted blemishes, so that calls for the genius 'Radiant Creamy Concealer' by NARS. Don't forget to blend!


Beauty Blender

Grab your much loved beauty blender and run it under a tap until damp. Next simply apply a little bit more setting powder on top with your beauty blender.



One of Kylie's favourites is the multi-purpose 'Double Perfection Lumiere' by Chanel which acts as a sunscreen, foundation and bronzer! Can you believe that? No wonder Kylie swears by it!



Follow Kylie's lead and opt for the amazing 'Hoola Matte Bronzer' by Benefit Cosmetics, which is so super versatile that it can actually double up as a bronzer, contour shade and eyeshadow! Talk about a miracle product!


Brow Gel

So we've had the brow pencil but now it's time to use a bit of 'Clear Brow Gel' by Anastasia Beverly Hills to truly intensify both the colour and shape.



Kylie uses Sephora's 'Colourful Face Powder' in the shade 'Passionate'. It's a fairy warm shade that will add the perfect amount of shimmer to beautiful, glowing skin!


This particular blush is designed for an effortless, sun-kissed look that's absolutely Kylie-esque. Swirl your brush into the compact and tap off the excess to avoid an overly intense application. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards towards the temples, mastering that signature Kylie contour and highlight. With a blendable and buildable formula, this blush allows you to control the intensity for either a subtle touch or a more dramatic effect. Remember, blending is your best friend for achieving a seamless transition from your cheek color to the rest of your makeup.


Lash Curler

Before you do anything else with your lashes it's important to totally prep them by curling them first! Don't worry if the curling makes you feel a bit nervous, even Kylie feels like this when she curls hers!



Make your lashes super intense and beautiful by using the fabulous 'Oscillation' mascara by quality brand Lancôme. Kylie also applies brown mascara to her bottom lashes, although it's totally okay to skip this step if it isn't your style!



'Colourful Shadow and Liner' by Sephora is a chunky stick liner that Kylie uses on her waterline and upper lash line in a shiny brown shade.


This multi-functional product glides effortlessly, providing a smudge-proof and long-lasting look that's essential for mimicking Kylie's iconic and enviable eye-defining style. Not only does it make your eyes pop by intensifying their natural shape, it's also enriched with a versatile range of pigments allowing for a simple, yet bold statement. Whether you're aiming for a subtle trace of color or a dramatic cat-eye flick, this liner has got you covered. Just remember to blend quickly after application, as it sets fast for an all-day wear that's as fearless as Kylie herself.


Lip Liner

It only makes sense that Kylie would use her own lip liners, right? She opts for one of her favourites called 'Candy K' and uses it to line her lips.


Candy K is a go-to shade that perfectly embodies the Kylie Jenner vibe—understated yet glamorous. Once she’s etched the outer edges to create the illusion of fuller lips, she lightly fills them in to ensure the lipstick has a base to stick to, melding flawlessly with the liner for that iconic pout. This step is crucial because it prevents the dreaded 'lip liner only' look and guarantees that her lip color lasts all day, through every selfie and sip of tea.


Lip Gloss

So we've got our lip liner on but now we need to gloss to finish it off! Again, Kylie uses one of her own lip glosses from the Kylie Cosmetics' line for a gorgeous and luscious shine to her lips.



Last up is the totally lust worthy Becca 'Champagne Collection' by Jaclyn Hill sold via Sephora. Woohoo, you've now completed your very own Kylie Jenner inspired makeup look!

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Who would want to look that the deformed girl? She's completely ruined her body with plastic surgery. Don't make the same mistake. Be unique and embrace your own look

Omg ! I rathe use less chemicals and paint on my face and b myself . Oh and I want kelly to like me , why would I think to look like her 💁🏼

@Kimmy Claire true! Makeup is so expensive I once bought a $24 mascara

@katie yeah agreed. Kylie doesn't even look like Kylie. Give me a break lol 😂

@Katie hahaha so true and a professional photographer

It's Kyshadow Palette

It’s all plastic surgery, not her real face or body. I think it’s a shame that girls can’t just accept their own natural beauty and be happy with themselves instead of wanting to look plastic and fake

How to look like Kylie.....Get a good plastic/cosmetic surgeon!!

@Sandy2pointo preach

just buy paint and put it all over your face like damn hahaha this make up shit is expensive 😂😂😂😂😂

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