Easy Makeup Tutorials for Green-Eyed Girls ...


Easy Makeup Tutorials for Green-Eyed Girls ...
Easy Makeup Tutorials for Green-Eyed Girls ...

The makeup you choose and the techniques you use can enhance your green eyes, but using the wrong ones won’t do you any good. It’s all well and good to tell you how to do your makeup so that your green eyes really stand out, but it’s even better to show you. When you can follow along with a video, it makes it so much easier to get your makeup just right. So, if you have green eyes, these tutorials will make it easy to always look your best. All the other girls are going to be green with envy.

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Smokey Eye for Green Eyes

The smokey eye look is having a moment right now and for good reason. It’s super beautiful and dramatic enough for all of your nighttime fun. This tutorial from Dana Marie, helps you get the look just right with colors and techniques specifically for your green eyes. You are going to love the way you look!


Dramatic Makeup

When your simple everyday makeup look isn’t cutting it anymore, Ashley Elizabeth saves the day. She has the most stunning green eyes and she’ll show you how to give yours some drama for a night out on the town or just for a fun change to your usual look. It’s easy to follow her step by step directions and the transformation you’ll see in the mirror will blow you away.


Rose Gold Makeup Tutorial

Rose gold makeup is super trendy right now and it pairs wonderfully with gorgeous green eyes. The SarahSalvini channel will show you the easiest way to apply the shade to your eyes for a look you can pull off night and day. The directions are easy to follow and the techniques are simple so you’ll look absolutely fab in mere minutes.


Green Eyes and Dark Hair

Just like your eye color determines which shades of makeup look best on you, so too does your hair color. This tutorial from Signature Series helps you master the perfect look if you have green eyes and dark hair. You’ll learn which color combos are your best friends and how to make cosmetics enhance your natural hair and eye color. Perfect!


Dark Plum Eye Makeup

Plum is one of the most perfect colors for green eyes. It fabulously complements them and is a fun new thing to try if you usually pick greys and browns for your eyes. Once you try purple, you’ll never go back. Watch this easy to follow video from Pin Up Beauty and you’ll have the look down pat in no time.


Something Natural

There’s something fabulous about a great dramatic look for your green eyes, but there’s also something to be said for keeping it simple and natural. For days when you want something subtle, but that still makes your green eyes pop, this is the video for you. Brittany Marie shows you how to get his look down. Get ready to turn some heads!


Open up Those Green Eyes

Tired of looking tired? Want your green eyes to look fresh and wide? This handy video from shivonmakeupbiz may just save your life. It’s easy to follow and shows you how to apply your makeup so that you always looks fresh and rested. The finished product is so wonderful!

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