47 Goals Pictures for Girls Who Want to up Their Makeup Game ...

By Olga

47 Goals Pictures for Girls Who Want to up Their Makeup Game ...

Chrisspy is so #goals! Aside from being insanely gorgeous, this girl really knows her way around makeup so she creates everything from super wearable and crazy pretty looks to fun tutorials like a Yoda transformation and more! Check out some of her most liked Instagram photos and you'll see why so many girls are crazy for @chrisspy

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eyebrow, color, hair, blond, pink,

When it comes to executing the perfect, eye-catching makeup look, one must not underestimate the potential of the oft-misunderstood white eyeliner. When used tastefully and conscientiously, it can add an element of drama, brightness, and mystery to almost any ensemble, elevating your whole look from ordinary to extraordinary.


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hair, blond, eyebrow, hairstyle, woman,


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blond, color, hair, eyebrow, woman,


eyebrow, blond, color, hair, person,


eyewear, hair, vision care, pink, cartoon,


eyebrow, hair, color, blond, person,


eyebrow, color, blond, hair, pink,


clothing, hair, black hair, costume, anime,


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clothing, hair, hairstyle, bangs, head,


hair, person, blond, hairstyle, painting,


clothing, hair, hairstyle, blond, black hair,


black hair, fedora, hat, headgear,


hair, person, hairstyle, black hair, bangs,


eyewear, clothing, sunglasses, glasses, vision care,


hair, person, blond, eyebrow, hairstyle,

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She's...all make up.

Who's that girl

She's so pretty

can you add some diversity? its all the same girl..

Amazing look.. Love it..

It's all the same girl...

She's stunning

Chrisspy! She has a YouTube channel :) she's so funny and so talented

I don't really like them but #5 is so vintage and I love it!


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