Luxie Brushes and Other Must Have Makeup Tools Recommended by Your Fave Beauty Bloggers ...

I think we all know the important role of beauty tools in our makeup routine. We can have the best makeup in the world but if we donโ€™t have the right tools to apply them, weโ€™re up a foundation creek without a Beauty Blender! Conversely, we can have average makeup but with the right application tools, we can make it look luxe and professional. But with all those beauty tools out there, how do we pick the best of out of the bunch? We searched around and discovered the must-have makeup tools of some of the hottest beauty bloggers around so we can reap the benefits, too. Keep reading to find out which beauty tools are essential for your beauty kit.

1. Luxie Rose Gold Fan Brush

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Miss Whoever You Are AKA Eileen Dautruche says sheโ€™s become obsessed with highlighter and has tried tons of brushes but counts these as her favorites. First, she uses the Luxie Rose Gold Fan Brush to apply the highlighter for a flawless look. Using other tools on this list, she has the absolute best face when she's done.
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