8 Pros Cons of Drugstore Makeup ...


8 Pros  Cons of Drugstore Makeup ...
8 Pros  Cons of Drugstore Makeup ...

Drugstore makeup can honestly be really good, but do you know all of the pros and cons of drugstore makeup? I typically focus on the pros, but let's talk about the cons a little bit! These are my top 8 pros and cons of drugstore makeup that might make you think twice before putting down your money on something at the drugstore!

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Pro: Less Expensive

I think one of the biggest things to take away from my list of pros and cons of drugstore makeup is that drugstore makeup is way less expensive than the typical makeup from a department store. Remember, if you are trying to save your pennies, it might be worth it to invest in drugstore makeup. Drugstore makeup is also really good for people that are beginning their journey of the perfect makeup.


One of the compelling reasons to opt for drugstore makeup is that it's far more accessible on a budget, which can be a game changer for those who love to experiment with different looks without breaking the bank. Not only can you find a wide variety of shades and products, but the lower cost also means that you can try out new trends as they arise, without the guilt of spending too much. For novices especially, this can be incredibly liberating - freedom to practice and hone skills without the pressure of investing in high-end products.


Con: Not a Lot of Pigment

When you are looking for eye shadow that will really stay on all day, or lipstick that will really stain your lips, it's not always going to be found in the drugstore. A lot of drugstore makeup doesn't have a whole lot of pigments. What is a pigment? It's the color that keeps your eye shadow bright and your lips brilliant and colorful.


Highly concentrated pigments are often found in premium cosmetic lines where the emphasis is on bold, long-lasting color. In comparison, drugstore makeup occasionally lacks this intensity, thus requiring more product for the desired effect. It's important to remember, however, that some people prefer this lighter pigmentation for a more natural or subtle look. It's a trade-off: do you prioritize pigment and endurance, or affordability and ease of access? While drugstore brands are improving their formulas, they may still fall short for those seeking vibrant hues and the assurance of minimal touch-ups throughout the day.


Pro: Don't Have to Go to a Specialty Store

Another great pro about drugstore makeup is the fact that you don't have to go to a specialty store. No Sephora for you! Instead, you can head right down to your local CVS or Walgreens and you'll be able to find exactly what you are looking for.


This convenience is perfect if you're short on time or if you prefer to streamline your shopping trips. While browsing for your daily essentials, you can also snag your favorite beauty products without making an extra stop. Plus, many drugstores are open late or even 24/7, making it easy to pick up a new lipstick or mascara whenever the mood strikes. The range of makeup available at these stores has significantly increased over time, ensuring that you'll likely find items that suit both your beauty needs and your budget.


Con: Doesn't Last as Long

There are a lot of myths around this one and truthfully, I don't know exactly what is right. Maybelline for me is something that last a while – minus the eye shadow. I would go with, the cheaper the makeup is to buy, the less likely chance it is going to last as long as the expensive makeup.


It's a common experience among many beauty aficionados that certain drugstore brands might fade faster or require more touch-ups throughout the day. Budget-friendly options can be a bit hit-or-miss when it comes to longevity. Of course, this isn't universal, and sometimes you stumble upon a gem that defies expectations. Still, for those epic events where you need your makeup to cling on from dawn to dusk, splurging on higher-end products might be the safer bet. Always remember, a good primer and setting spray can help extend wear time, no matter the price tag of your foundation or lipstick.


Pro: There Are Good Brands

There are some fantastic drugstore brands out there that really do stay put and look amazing. Maybelline is one of my favorites. I swear, all of my makeup in my bag has something to do with Maybelline, but hey, that's just me. What's your favorite drugstore makeup brand?


Indeed, it's not just Maybelline that hits the sweet spot; brands like NYX and e.l.f. Cosmetics have also stepped up their game. Fellow makeup lovers in our community rave about the L'Oreal Infallible series and can't get enough of Wet n Wild's highlighters that give some high-end competitors a run for their money. And let’s not forget Milani with their blushes that could easily be mistaken for luxury products. With drugstore brands upping their quality, staying fabulous on a budget has never been easier! So, spill the tea – which brand can you not live without?


Con: Can Look Cakey

It is true. A lot of drugstore makeup can look cakey, it just all depends on exactly what you buy and your skin type and exactly what works for you. Drugstore makeup can look flawless on some people. I just think it all depends on what you buy and how much you put on!


Drugstore makeup often requires a bit of trial and error before finding the right product that doesn’t give that overdone appearance. Sometimes, it's the heaviness of the product or the method of application that's at fault, not just the makeup itself. Remember, less is often more—a light hand can prevent that unwanted cakey finish. Also, blending is key. Utilize tools like sponges and brushes to help achieve a more airbrushed, natural look. And don’t forget to consider primers and setting sprays, as they can make a world of difference in the longevity and appearance of your makeup.


Pro: Readily Available

Like I said, you won't ever have to go to a specialty store to grab any of your makeup if you dip into drugstore makeup, but it's also super easy to get. You can honestly get really good drugstore makeup anywhere! I get mine at Target usually, just because the price is better.


Additionally, drugstore makeup is often found in the same places you do your regular shopping. From supermarkets to pharmacies, you’re likely to find a makeup aisle brimming with options. This convenience means you can pick up a new lipstick or mascara on a whim while running errands or shopping for household necessities. It’s the simplicity and accessibility that adds to the appeal. Even when traveling, you can easily find a local drugstore to replace anything you've forgotten, making it a go-to choice for many looking for quick beauty fixes.


Con: No Guidance

When you go to a department store, typically have you someone that is right at the counter, willing to guide you into the right purchases and what will look great on your skin tone. You don't have that at the drugstore. Although, you also don't have pushy, pushy makeup counter peeps trying to get you to buy something either. It all depends on how you look at it!

While I favor drugstore makeup over expensive makeup anyway, if I had an unlimited budget? Who knows what'd I'd do with it! So girls, what other pros and cons do you have? Give it up!

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I absolutely love both drugstore and high end makeup. I completely agree about the longevity of some products. I had an issue yesterday with my brand new Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow pack. First time, it got all over my face, particles everywhere. So, my solution was to just wet it a little and wow what a difference!! I Love it!! Recently I can obsessed with CG liquid to powder foundation...it's absolutely lovely. So natural looking with amazing coverage!! Also Maybelline mascara is great...especially Full N Soft..amazing!!

I can't tell you how many 50$ foundations I've bought to realize loreal liquid true match w3 is my all time fav...10$ over 50$? Umm yea

PRO: CVS Lets me bring back any makeup I've opened and tried for a full refund - even if I just didn't like the color on me :P

To Ally, I shop at Walgreen's, CVS, Target and Walmart they will allow you to return your product so don't be afraid to try different colors! Oh I can relate because I'm also African American also.

Can anyone do a quick review of maybelline's bb cream? I really want something light that will give me a dewy finish!

I would argue that with the multitude of blogs and youtube channels related to makeup, there is far more guidance than there ever used to be when it comes to drugstore product recommendations.

80% of my makeup are from drugstore,only the base such as e/s

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