Radiant Red Lipsticks That'll Shine during Summertime ...

Red lipstick is always in, no matter the season. It’s the perfect accessory and is very sexy. These are 7 beautiful red lipsticks to try. Some are new to the makeup world and others have stood the test of time. Most of these have a beautiful shine but if you want to punch it up a notch more, then add the slightest touch of clear gloss and you’ll be set to go.

1. MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger

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MAC definitely has a solid corner on the market for red lipstick. Lady Danger is a beautiful red lipstick that has an orange undertone. I first saw this lipstick on blogger Rachel Martino and was amazed by how fabulous it was on her. I’ve been lusting for a tube of my own ever since! This lipstick reminds me so much of the shade women wore in the 1940s.

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