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Fun Homemade Lip-Gloss for Girls Who Love DIY Beauty ...

By Jordin

Homemade lip-gloss seems to be a growing trend right now, and it’s no wonder! The stuff is fun and easy to make, and it is perfect for gifting. I also love that you can personalize each batch to your own preferences! If you’re feeling a little artsy and experimental, here are all the tips you need to get started on making some fun and fashionable homemade lip-gloss!

1 Choose Your Lip-gloss Base First, Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

eyebrow, hair, chin, hairstyle, nose,There are lots of things you can use as a lip-gloss base. The easiest one is petroleum jelly, otherwise known as good old Vaseline. Very moisturizing, and no melting necessary! You can also reach for beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, or shea butter. And don’t hesitate to experiment with mixing and matching some of these ingredients together for a rich and smooth combo that you love!

2 Decide on the Perfect Color for Your Concoction

hair, blond, color, hairstyle, woman,You can choose to leave out the color, but where is the fun in that? If you’re feeling adventurous, grab some food grade food coloring and go crazy. Another way to color your gloss is by using a small chunk of your favorite lipstick and mixing it in. The result will be a sheer version of your favorite lipstick!


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3 Now You Can Add Some Flavor and Scent from Various Sources

color, eyebrow, blue, blond, woman,Essential oils are the perfect addition to any homemade beauty product, but especially lip-gloss because you can smell and taste them! Choose an essential oil that you love the most, and use only 1 drop. Essential oils are strong and a little goes a long way. If you’d like, you can also add some finely ground glitter at this point for some extra shine and pizzazz!

4 Keep It Mess-free and Easy Cleanup by Using This Pro-tip

person, hair, nose, eyebrow, black hair,Once you have all your ingredients together, you need to heat them up slightly and mix well. To do this, I recommend using a disposable cup or bowl and microwaving in spurts of 10-15 seconds. Stir in between each spurt until everything is smoothly combined and melted to a liquid form with no lumps. If you are using only Vaseline with color and flavor added, skip this step and only mix the ingredients well.

5 Use an Old EOS Balm Container for a Hip Way to Store Your New Gloss

clothing, hair, eyebrow, hairstyle, model,Once your gloss is melted to liquid form, go ahead and pour it into the container of your choice. You can clean out and use old chapstick containers, small tins, EOS containers, or even buy lip-gloss tubes brand new at craft supply stores. Leave everything to cool completely.

6 If You’re Gifting These Glosses, Get Crafty and Spice up the Containers

hair, hairstyle, model, blond, photo shoot,Once the gloss hardens and sets up (depending on the base ingredient, some glosses may be more of a jelly form), you can decorate your container! Use patterned duct tape, small gems, stickers, or whatever strikes your fancy.

7 Keep a List of the Ingredients You Used to Refer Back to

blond, color, hair, eyebrow, woman,Always list the ingredients and measurements you used! This is so that once you perfect a recipe, you’ll always remember it. It’s also handy so that when gifting the gloss, others know what is inside and if they have an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient, it won’t catch them by surprise.

If you’ve ever tried making homemade gloss or balm before, please leave me a comment and let me know how it turned out! Did you like it? Making your own gloss is a super easy craft that girls of all ages can enjoy, and it’s pretty much a universal gift! Everyone uses lip balm in some form, so you can leave out the colors and flavors if that suits you better. Thanks for reading!

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