8 Reasons I Love Neutrogena Makeup ...

Jordin Keim

8 Reasons I Love Neutrogena Makeup ...

Neutrogena makeup is one of my favorite brands of makeup to buy from the drugstore! I’ve been using Neutrogena makeup for years, and I have no complaints yet. It’s hard to find a drugstore makeup that does what it claims to do, and Neutrogena is spot on every time! Read below to find out 8 reasons why I love Neutrogena makeup.

1 It’s Affordable

Many average girls don’t have a ton of money to go out and spend on their makeup products and that’s one of the first reasons I love Neutrogena makeup. It’s very affordable, and you get lots of products for your money! The products go a long way too, so you don’t need to replace them as often.

2 It Fights Acne

As a teen, I struggled with acne all through high school. I still get the occasional breakout now! Neutrogena products work to fight against acne and breakouts! And you don’t need to worry about clogged pores as their foundations are all dermatologist recommended. If you struggle with oily skin, their products also help combat shine and oil production!

3 Lip-glosses Are Never Sticky

I am super picky with my lip-glosses because I can’t handle a sticky lip-gloss. Neutrogena lip-glosses are always smooth and never sticky! They have the perfect touch of shine and flavor without being too overwhelming. And you have a nice selection of colors to choose from as well.

4 Products Give Natural Looks

When it comes to makeup, it’s essential that you have products that will give you a natural look, at least for daytime wear. Neutrogena products deliver just that! Their foundations and blushes always look natural, and their eye shadows have just the right amount of shimmer and color without being overwhelming.

5 Their Skincare Products

I know this article is about makeup, but the Neutrogena skincare products are amazing, so I thought they were worth mentioning! I used some of Neutrogena’s skincare products before I tried their makeup, and I have to say how impressed I was. If you try any of their makeup products, you should give their skincare line a go as well, because it really keeps your skin soft and clear, as well as gives you an even complexion.

6 Packaging is Efficient

Some makeup lines just never get their packaging right. It’s either too complicated, too cheap, too fussy, or it doesn’t keep the product sanitary. Neutrogena’s packaging is just right! It’s smooth, simple, and efficient, and I love it.

7 Eyeliner Doesn’t Run

One of my worst pet peeves with makeup is eyeliner that runs! Of course, it helps to use products for keeping your eyeliner in place, but Neutrogena has an eyeliner that barely runs if you just wear it alone. I’ve found that it will run a bit if you have been wearing it for 10-12 hours, but it normally stays put.

8 Easy Access to Products

Some makeup products are difficult to find, or seem to never stay in stock. Neutrogena is readily available in many places! Nearly every drugstore carries Neutrogena brand makeup. They also have a website, for convenient delivery right to your front door!

I started using Neutrogena makeup as a teenager, and while I have tried and loved other brands as well, Neutrogena remains at the top of my list! These are my main reasons for loving Neutrogena, but have you ever tried any Neutrogena products? Which ones do you love the most and why? Please share your thoughts below, and thanks for reading!