7 Ridiculously Expensive Cosmetics You Won't Believe Actually Exist ...


There are some ridiculously expensive cosmetics on the market today – and I’m not talking $75 for a Tom Ford lipstick either. There are makeup and beauty products that have been manufactured that cost thousands or even millions of dollars. Here are some of the most ridiculously expensive cosmetics that have ever been made.

1. H. Couture – Beauty Diamond Mascara

One of the ridiculously expensive cosmetics you won’t believe exists is H. Couture’s Beauty Diamond Mascara. The tube to the mascara is made of 18-karat gold and blue diamonds. The mascara came with lifetime refills as well as other services, however now that the H. Couture brand has closed shop, purchasers of this 14 million dollar mascara may be regretting their purchase (or not, considering they had 14 million to blow on mascara), since I’m sure the extra benefits are no longer viable.

Guerlain – KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick