Stand-alone Makeup Items That save the Day ...

If you're a makeup fan, I'm sure you've got that one item that you can't leave the house without! It's the product that makes you feel most confident and the one you would choose again and again if you had to pick only ONE item to wear forever! We all differ on this particular item, but here is a list of some favorites!

1. CC Cream

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CC cream is sort of an all-in-one beauty item. It's a light foundation with primer, color correcting properties, and often times acts as a moisturizer with sunscreen. It's definitely considered light coverage which is perfect for someone who doesn't need a whole lot of coverage and wants a multi-functional product! It's also a great lightweight product for summer!

2. Foundation

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Foundation is great because it does so much for your complection. It evens skin tone, covers blemishes and redness, and if your face is a lighter shade than the rest of your body, like most, then foundation will blend in nicely. I will always reach for foundation before leaving the house because it makes such a difference in my complection!

3. Eyebrow Mousse & Angled Brush

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There's no doubt about it, eyebrows are what frame your entire face and can make or break any look you desire! Badly groomed or shaped brows will make even perfect makeup look drab. Therefore, shaped brows along with a brow pencil or mousse and an angled brush are a must!

4. Concealer

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For those who have dark circles, under eye bags, and blemishes, your stand-alone makeup item might be concealer. If you have generally even skin but have a few spots you want covered, concealer works wonders! I wish I could only get away with concealer!

5. Mascara

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Mascara is another awesome makeup item and I hear a lot of women say they just can't leave the house without it. Especially if your have very light lashes, mascara will open and brighten your eyes significantly. You can even use a clear mascara if you have naturally dark and thick lashes, for a simpler look that's still defined.

6. Blush

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I envy those who have a beautiful rosy glow naturally. Most of us though need a little color to liven our faces! Blush can give you that clean, fresh look without even trying. Next time your in a rush, try just tinted moisturizer, a quick swipe of mascara and dab of blush!

7. Tinted Lip Moisturizer

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Unless your lips have a lot pigmentation, you'll want to add some color to make them stand out a little from the rest of your face. Tinted moisturizer is a quick and easy way to do just that. If your a Chapstick wearing gal, try a tinted moisturizer instead! It may be your new go-to makeup item.

For me, my go-to items are foundation and brow mousse but if I had to pick just one, I'd probably go with brows! It just makes a world of difference. For all of you makeup-wearers, what is that one product you can't leave the house without? If you had to pick just one item to wear forever, what would it be?

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