Life-changing Makeup Products for Lazy Girls ...


Life-changing Makeup Products for Lazy Girls ...
Life-changing Makeup Products for Lazy Girls ...

I'm lazy, but I like to wear a little bit of makeup when I go out, right? Except, in general, I'm too lazy to even want to bother with the routine. I know a lot of you can identify with that. The good news is that there are tons of makeup products that are ideal for lazy folks who still want to wear a little something – or even a lot of something. The key is to look for products that can multitask, or products that improve your problem areas so much that you won't need much else to feel confident. Ready? Here we go!

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Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil

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This is an absolutely amazing product, and trust me when I say that it's worth every penny. It's the perfect pick for lazy ladies because it will actually reduce the amount of makeup you need to feel your best. This oil nourishes your skin, locks in moisture, and refines the texture, leaving your skin radiant, soft, supple, plump, and smooth.


Glossier Boy Brow

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Even if I'm too lazy to put on foundation or powder, I cannot bear to go out of the house without doing something to my sad, patchy eyebrows. Typically, I have to use at least three different products – something to thicken them, something to fill them in, and something to set them. This? This does everything. It's probably my favorite thing ever right now.


Chosungah 22 Click Click Click Multi Color Lip & Cheek Tint

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Remember what I said about products that can multitask? Anything that saves time is a winner. I adore tints that work for your lips and your cheeks, and this is one of the best duos I've ever tried. There are so many gorgeous colors – you might want to buy more than one just so you can mix and match!


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink

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Although this is technically a highlighter, you can see by the colors that it has more potential than that. In the first place, sometimes a highlighter is really all you need for coverage. In the second place, you can also use this as a blush or you can use the darker shades for contouring. In the third place, some of these colors look like they'd make bomb eye shadow shades.


Bobbi Brown Face Mist

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Here's another product you may be able to use in place of your usual cosmetics, simply because it will leave your skin in excellent shape. In addition to hydrating your skin, the formula is rich in nutrients so it will leave you with a fresh, radiant glow.


Laura Mercier Baked Eye Color in Black Karat

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So, not only is this a gorgeous color, but this baked shadow is another multitasking makeup product. Since it is baked, you can use it as both an eye shadow and an eyeliner. You can also master a quick smoky eye with ease.


Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Bruised Plum

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This is just a lipstick … except it's not just a lipstick. You can't really use it for anything, granted, but this dramatic shade might be all the makeup you want to wear. Actually, a little bold lip, some mascara, and a swipe of highlighter or blush, and you're good to go!

Any recommendations, y'all?

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Ooooooh loveTom Ford❤️

My favorite color lipstick ! Anything plum or deep red LOVE IT 💋 That's my go-to color for day & night

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