7 Steps to Achieving a Natural Makeup Look That Captures Your True Beauty ...


Every woman needs to have a natural makeup look she can wear from time to time. Even if you prefer a more dramatic makeup look, it is good to know how to pull off a natural makeup look. There are many occasions where you may want to wear this look. It is always a good choice to have more than one way to wear your makeup.

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Make Sure Your Foundation Shade is Correct

This tip should be applied to all makeup looks across the board, but especially when you are going for a natural makeup look. You need to make sure your foundation shade is correct. You cannot possibly expect your makeup to look natural if it doesn’t blend into your skin flawlessly. You should never be able to see foundation on your skin. Foundation is meant to enhance your beauty, not look like an artificial layer on top of your skin.


Think about Your Foundation Formula

Your foundation formula matters and has a lot to do with achieving a natural makeup look or not. Some foundations are heavier than others. Generally, you want to go for more of a sheer coverage when you are going for a natural makeup look. Heavier foundations are more likely to cake in your fine lines and wrinkles. Sheer coverage covers your major flaws but does not make you look overly made up.


Choose Neutral Eye Shadows

Choose neutral eye shadows when you are going for a natural makeup look. Neutral eye shadows typically include shades like creams, taupes, light greys and browns. These are all pretty universally flattering. You may have to tweak whether you choose to go with a warm or cool undertone in your eye shadow depending on your own skin tone. When I am going for a natural makeup look, I typically choose to go with a cream colored eye shadow and that is all.


Skip the Black Eye Liner

Black eyeliner is absolutely beautiful and the color I wear most often. But it is not the best choice if you are going for a truly natural makeup look. Try a brown, taupe or even a grey color instead. This pulls the dramatic effect back and allows your natural beauty to shine. I typically go with an eyeliner by Mary Kay in Steely when I want to go more natural.


Use Just a Dab of Blush

You still need blush when you are going for the natural look. Blush makes you look like you have more of a healthy color and glow. You always want to go with a blush that goes well with your skin tone. It should look close to the color your cheeks are when you naturally blush. It can be difficult to choose a blush, so if you need help don’t be afraid to seek out an expert’s opinion.


Choose a Lip Color Close to Your Natural Lip Color

This tip is very important to a natural makeup look. You need to choose a lip color that is close to your natural lip color. It can be a balm, lipstick or lip gloss. The product you use isn’t as important as the color of it. Do your lips tend more toward red, pink, mauve or a raspberry? It can take a bit of experimenting to find the right lip color for your natural makeup look.


Use a Light Hand

You want to use a light hand when you are applying makeup for a natural look. The goal is to have your makeup make you look more attractive but without making you look made up. It is difficult to find this balance. It may take a bit of practice for you to get to where you feel comfortable and happy with the finished look. Keep practicing and you will get it the way you want it.

A natural makeup look may be different than your everyday makeup look. What do you typically prefer? A natural makeup look or one with a bit more flair?

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Really recommend the garner miracle skin perfecter bb cream

Instead of buying colored eyeliner I would use a dark eyeshadow and use it like a liner. It's been working well ((:

Or you could just not wear any makeup! That's the most natural you could get ☺️

I love a natural look bare minerals all the way.

I wear a tinted moisturizer...gives the healthiest flow without overdoing it and allows the skin to breathe.

I'm sorry, but this is the bajillionth article I've read on here that rehashes the same tips. How many times do we need to be reminded to choose a foundation shade to match our skin? You could do so many interesting articles: what about honest reviews of products? Comparing competing products with info that helps us choose? Following up on which purported dupes are real and which aren't? Recreating a look? There's so many interesting and useful articles that can be written on makeup that it honestly makes my head hurt to see the same old advice given over and over.


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