7 Eyeliner Colors You Should Try Today ...

With so many eyeliner colors available, it’s totally fun to give them all a try. I tend to stick to my standby, which is dark grey eyeliner, but I’m starting to see how fun it would be to give something else a whirl. If you tend to stick to the same old make-up routine or you’re new to the product, give these eyeliner colors a spot in your repertoire. Don’t forget to let me know which ones work out best for you.

1. Black

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Black is probably the most popular of the many eyeliner colors out there. It’s probably the one most girls tend to gravitate toward too. However, if you’ve never worn eyeliner and are working on your application technique, black is a great starter color. You can wear it with virtually any color of eye shadow and it’s readily available so you won’t have any trouble finding it at drugstores or make-up counters.

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