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Aren’t we all constantly in a state of flux looking for new makeup tips to try out? Maybe instead of searching for new makeup tips, we should take a look back on our favorite makeup tips of our teenage years. Whether you loved baby oil a little too much or simply want to bring back your clear mascara, you’ll probably find a few of your old favorite makeup tips, ready to make a resurgence!

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Great Lash Clear Mascara

I’m just going to make a large assumption that Maybelline’s Great Lash Clear Mascara was everyone’s first attempt with “mascara.” I think it’s safe to say that you’ve since explored other options, but that doesn’t mean you should completely forget about such handy makeup tips! Clear mascara is perfect to tame your eyebrows, especially on the days you and the tweezers are just not getting along.


Baby Oil

Didn’t we all attempt to tan with baby oil at one point or another throughout our adolescence? Well, it’s time to pull out your baby oil again, but not for tanning. Instead, use it as a cost-effective lotion. You will be shocked at how amazing your skin feels. I didn’t realize skin could feel so soft the first time I tried it out!



Vaseline was everyone’s savior at one point or another throughout their teenage years. It’s easily the most versatile beauty product on the market. Use it as lotion, use it as lip balm, or use it to help you unscrew dried-up nail polish bottles. You can even use it to fix a streaky spray tan! There’s not much this product can’t do to help you out in a pinch!


Less is More

Chances are, you probably didn’t wear a lot of makeup in middle school. It may be time to revert to that! Your skin will thank you for getting a chance to breathe, and you’ll probably a love the way it feels a lot more than when you’re wearing makeup! It’s an adjustment to say the least, but if you ease into it, you’ll love it!


Try out the Eyeshadow Again

You’ve probably sworn off a few bright eyeshadows after seeing the horror that occurred the last time you wore them in junior high. Try to distance that memory far from your mind and try it out again. There’s a fairly good chance that when coupled with the makeup skills you’ve acquired since your last attempt, you will love it! That being said, save this for the next time you go out. There’s a time and place for everything, and an early morning in the office is not the time or place for a bright blue lid.


Sleeping Beauty

I’m not sure if I’m the only person who loved this tip as a teenager, but I don’t think I could possibly be. In junior high and high school, I loved sleeping with my freshly washed hair in a bun and going to school with whatever the result was. Usually, the results were somewhere between beach waves and a crazy mane, but it worked. If you’re running late to work more often than usual, this may be a hairstyle to try out.


Heat up Your Eyelash Curler

Approximately how much time did you spend between the ages of thirteen and sixteen trying to heat up your eyelash curler so your eyelashes would look even better and fuller? I don’t even want to think about how many hours of my life I probably spent doing so. It’s such a common tip, though, because it works. If you forgot about this tried-and-true tip, it’s definitely something to try out.

What’s your favorite makeup tip from your teenage years that you still use? Personally, I still use the face cleanser I used as a teenager. If it worked then, it’ll work now!

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I still use this today. I close my eyes and spray hairspray on my eyelashes before applying my mascara. it is a great way to intensify your lashes.

I still use Bonnie Bell Gel Bronze in golden tan...it gives you that Sunkissed glow & is super cheap. I order it directly from Bonnie Bell online usually 4 at a time for about $20! I have tried the bronzer out now & they all have sparkles...

I still use Bonnie Bell Gel Bronze in golden tan...it gives you that Sunkissed glow & is super cheap. I order it directly from Bonnie Bell online usually 4 at a time for about $20! I have tried the bronzer out now & they all have sparkles...This is a true gel bronzer no sparkles

I'm bad at eyeliner I have to work on it takes time

love that baby oil. it now comes in gel form too!

no.6!! I'm a teen and I do it alll the timw

sleeping with your hair wet is bad!

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