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7 Make-up Issues Every Woman Has ...

By Holly

Whether or not you’re a pro at applying your cosmetics, there are make-up issues every woman has. It's hard work to look so darn amazing. Applying the perfect amount of product takes talent. If you don't think that's true, here are some make-up issues every woman has to learn how to deal with:

1 Symmetrical Sides

It takes quite a while to properly apply your eyeliner, shadow, and mascara, because you have to do it all twice. The second eye is the most difficult to decorate, because it not only has to look fabulous, but it has to be the twin of the first eye. If they don’t look symmetrical, you have to keep trying until they’re on the same page. One of the most frustrating make-up issues has to do with the process of applying eye make-up. It never works out the way you want the first time, so it takes forever to complete.

2 Glass Guarding

If you’re unable to see without your glasses, and haven’t invested in contacts, you’re going to have trouble doing your make-up. You try your hardest to make it look good, but you never know what you’re going to see when you put your glasses back on. You can invest in a magnified mirror or ask for help, but everything would be way easier if you could just see.


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3 Taunted and Teased

Women are always criticized for how much or how little make-up they wear. Men make fun of women for opening their mouths when applying mascara. They make fun of women for ‘racoon eyes.’ They have tons of complaints that they should be keeping to themselves. If someone thinks they look beautiful, whom are you to say otherwise?

4 Little Lifespans

For the price we pay for cosmetics, they should last for decades. Of course, they usually get used up after a few months. That means you have to go back to the store, find the same product, and waste more money on it. The worst is when your absolute favorite brand discontinues the perfect shade for your skin. Then you have to go on a search for something that will do the job just as well as your old product.

5 Required Reapplication

Some products actually stay on your skin for the majority of the day. Others have to be reapplied more often then you have time to do so. On your way to a party, your face looks amazing. But by the time your crush shows up, your lipstick has faded and your eyeliner is smudged. It never stays the way you want it to.

6 Stop Sneezing

Right after you do your mascara, you have to resist the urge to sneeze. If you do so before the make-up dries, you’re going to get black all over your face when you shut your eyes. By closing them too harshly, you run the risk of looking like a wreck. Then you have to wipe off all of the unwanted blotches, and do your eyes over again.

7 Made to Be Messy

If you forget you have make-up on, and rub your face, everything becomes a mess. You don’t mean to ruin all of your hard work, but it always ends up happening. It’s so easy to destroy the things that take hours to build.

Make-up is a fun way to liven up your face, but it comes with its downsides. What make-up do you usually wear? Do you cover your face in it or go bare?

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