Unlock the Tricks to Keep Your Makeup from Getting Dirty and Staying Fresh Longer ...


Unlock the Tricks to Keep Your Makeup from Getting Dirty and Staying Fresh Longer ...
Unlock the Tricks to Keep Your Makeup from Getting Dirty and Staying Fresh Longer ...

For all those makeup lovers out there, we can agree that makeup can be an investment! It's fun to wear and experiment with makeup, it brightens your appearance and brings loads of confidence! But just like with your personal belongings, if you don't take care of or use your makeup products properly, they can become grimy and can even cause skin irritation. Here are some things you must stop doing that are making your makeup dirty!

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Using Dirty Fingers to Apply

beauty, girl, lip, brown hair, health & beauty, Using your fingers to smooth out foundation, apply concealer or even eye shadow, can create an airbrushed finish and cover hard to reach areas compared to a large brush. However, if you haven't washed your hands prior, you're creating a breeding ground for bacteria like staphylococcus and E.coli on both your face and your makeup products! Gross!


Not Washing Your Brushes Regularly

eyebrow, eye shadow, beauty, eyelash, eye, Washing your makeup brushes can be tedious and time-consuming- however, dirty brushes collect bacteria and leave them on the surface of your skin and in your makeup. Not only that but your application won't be as flawless when you have a build-up of product. So wash your brushes at least once a week!


Leaving Makeup in a Hot Car

product, cosmetics, product, Beauty products, just like food, go bad if they are exposed to high temperatures. Leaving your makeup bag in a hot car can ruin your makeup, change the consistency and color, melt lipstick, and cause dangerous bacteria to grow. Remember to keep products in a cool, dry place!


Keeping Products Too Long

pink, product, cosmetics, product, chocolate bar, Using expired makeup may not seem like a big deal but it truly is. The antibacterial agents in makeup start to break down over time, which means bacteria has a solid place to grow. Think acne, skin lesions, rashes and pink eye. Not cool! If you're makeup has been around for more than a few months, it might be time to toss it.


Sharing Mascara or Eyeliner

As tempting as it might be in a pinch, you should NEVER share mascara or eyeliner. Anything that comes in contact with the fluids in your eyes can easily pick up contagious bacteria or viral infections and spread them around. Definitely not worth it!


Keeping Eye Makeup after an Eye Infection

eyebrow, skin, chin, beauty, cheek, Another no-no is keeping eye makeup around after you've had an eye infection. Particularly mascara because the tube itself traps all that dirt and nastiness, only to cause potential reinfection. Eyeliner can be saved if you sharpen the pencil or remove the tip of a roll-up pen. And remember to clean all your other makeup and brushes after you've been sick!


Not Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

eyebrow, beauty, chin, cheek, lip, Another thing that's making your makeup dirty is keeping everything in a dirty makeup bag! You can't avoid staining over time but you can keep it free of gunk by periodically taking everything out and wiping down the inside of you bag.

Since makeup is an investment, we want it to last long and look good! Keep in mind these few tips to avoid dirty makeup and potential illness. Got any tips to add?

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