Tutorials for Applying Mascara for Girls Tired of Fake Eyelashes ...

You’ve probably tried everything to make your eyelashes grow. Some of us are lucky to be blessed with lush thick lashes while others of us have to make the most of a few short, sparse ones (me!). No wonder that many of us turn to false eyelashes. Lashes are an essential feature of practically every makeup look so we always want to show them off to their best. If you’re fed up of grow remedies that don’t work or struggling with falsies, try these tutorials instead.

1. General Application by Ipsy Makeup Tips

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This is a perfect video to watch if you are a complete newbie to the world of makeup and need somebody to take you through the basics of mascara in a pleasant and easy to understand way. It might be a bit basic for those who want to discover something extra cool, but once you have mastered the basics in this video, you can then have the confidence to move on to bigger things.

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