Awesome Video Tutorials for Girls Who Want Gorgeous Cheekbones ...

By Eliza

Awesome Video Tutorials for Girls Who Want Gorgeous Cheekbones ...

Perfectly enhanced cheekbones are the ideal for a good look any day of the week. The trouble is that there are so many ways to do this that you could be overwhelmed at the prospect of getting the job done right. Sometimes, simply having the technique explained to you isn’t enough to help you perfect it. That’s why watching a video is so much more helpful. Check out these great tutorials and you should be well on your way to flawless cheekbones in no time at all.

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1 Get Amazing Cheekbones

Stephanie Lange is the perfect girl to teach you how to enhance your cheekbones. Not only is she really beautiful, but her cheeks always look picture perfect so you know that when she shows you how to do it, yours will also look wonderful. She makes it easy to get her look from start to finish and tells you which products to buy to mimic it. Cool, right?

2 Look like Angelina Jolie

It’s no secret that Angelina Jolie has pretty awesome cheekbones. Some of that can be credited to her good genes, but some of it has to do with how she applies her makeup. By following this tutorial from the adorable Kandee Johnson, you can get the same look without a makeup artist. She’ll show you exactly which products to use and exactly how to put them on for the chiseled cheekbones you’ve always wanted.

"Hey ladies! Do you want to recreate the stunning makeup looks you see on Tumblr? Look no further! Here's a fantastic makeup tutorial that breaks down each look and guides you through the process step by step. Learn to do it like a pro and let your beautiful creativity burst out!"

3 Real Techniques for Contouring

This video comes courtesy of New Beauty magazine so you know it’s going to be a good one. The easiest way to enhance and define your cheekbones is to learn how to contour. Once I mastered this technique, I really noticed a change to the way I look when I put on my makeup. If you’ve never contoured before, this tutorial will make it super easy to do in just a few minutes.

4 Contour, Blush and Highlighter

I just said that contouring is pretty great for chiseling your cheekbones, but being able to get your blush and highlighter just right is vital too. This easy video from Tina Yong helps you figure out exactly where to put each product so that your cheekbones are really something to behold. You are going to love how easy it is as you follow along!

5 Using Bronzer

The lovelies at Expert Village have definitely mastered using bronzer to bring out your cheekbones. If you aren’t a fan of contouring or you just love the sun kissed glow you get from bronzer, this easy to follow video will help you use your favorite product to make your cheekbones the star of the show. The step by step directions are simple to follow and you will absolutely love the way you look when you’re done.

6 Five Easy Steps

Contouring doesn't have to be hard. This video breaks it down into 5 simple steps that will have you finding your cheekbones in no time at all. If you're a beginner or just don't want to spend a bunch of time contouring, this easy video is definitely the one for you.

7 Burberry Tutorial

Scarves aren't the only thing that Burberry does well. This easy to follow video proves it. Follow along with the simple steps and quick tutorial and your cheekbones will easily be the best looking ones in town. What girl doesn't want that?

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