7 Things Make-up Artists Wish Their Clients Knew ...


If you ask me, make-up artists have a pretty cool job. They get to make women look and feel fabulous for all the important events in their life. However, there are many tips from makeup artists they wish you knew, there are lots of things they’d say. Instead of having to do all the legwork, I gathered some of the best tidbits together and will share them with you. So, even if you don’t know a make-up artist, you’re going to feel like you do after reading these tips from makeup artists they wish you knew.

1. Make-up is Not a Miracle and Won’t Change Your Looks

Make-up is meant to enhance your looks, not change them. Whether that means making your eyes pop or adding drama to your lips, the cosmetics you choose can make you look and feel your best. In the end though, they won’t make you look like a different person. You can’t slap on some make-up and miraculously look like someone else. Sorry, ladies.

You Can’t Wear Any Color You Want
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