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Finding a flawless makeup routine can be difficult. With so many products and tools available it can be easy to go overboard or mistakenly use the wrong products. Luckily, the great thing about makeup is that you can experiment until you find what’s right for you! Here are a few recommendations on things to avoid doing with your usual makeup routine.

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Over Plucking

During your makeup routine you might find that you need to clean up a few stray eyebrow hairs. With that being said, pluck only one hair at a time. Furthermore, after you’ve plucked 3-4 hairs take a moment to step back and see if you need to continue. Without taking pauses or by pulling several hairs at one time, you will end up with over plucked or misshapen eyebrows. If you’re not confident in plucking your own eyebrows visit a salon that plucks (or threads) eyebrows. If going every couple weeks is too costly for you then go once every couple months and clean up any stray hairs in between visits.


Filling in Your Eyebrows

I applaud a woman who can fill in her eyebrows perfectly – it’s definitely an art to do so. However, I also see many women who fill in their eyebrows but it looks a little... tragic. Another thing to avoid when applying is makeup is using the wrong products to fill in your eyebrows. Try to avoid using eye shadow or eyeliner to fill in your eyebrows. Both eye shadows and eyeliners will give your eyebrows a heavy or unnaturally darker look. Instead, invest in an eyebrow pencil (for those who have very sparse eyebrows and need a lot of drawing and filling in) or an eyebrow powder (for those who have fuller eyebrows).



The right mascara can really lengthen and thicken your eyelashes as well as make your eyes look bigger and more alert. However, the wrong mascara or poor application can result in clumpy, messy or smudged eyelashes. When working on your eyelashes, take time to comb through your lashes and apply mascara slowly to avoid clumped lashes or product on your eyelids. Furthermore, if you are one who likes to wear false lashes, try to go with lashes that have a more natural look and save the more dramatic lashes for a night out.


Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is a great way to take your eye makeup to the next level. However, it can go wrong very fast. One of the things I recommend avoiding is matching your eye shadow to your outfit unless your outfit is a neutral or subtle colour. For example, if you’re wearing a cobalt blue blouse it’s best to avoid wearing a cobalt blue eye shadow because you’ll run the risk of looking juvenile. However, if you’re wearing a champagne coloured blouse then champagne eye shadow won’t appear as extreme or as “matchy-matchy.” Another thing to avoid is applying one solid eye shadow colour from the lash line to the eye brow – it’s too much of the same colour and will make you look like a cartoon.


Wrong Foundation

Some of us want to look darker than what we really are and some of us want to look lighter than what we really are. I say accept your skin colour and tone regardless of what’s considered beautiful by other people around you. With that being said, applying a foundation that is too light for you will make your skin look ashy and applying foundation that’s darker than your skin colour will make your skin look blotchy. Not to mention, there will be an obvious and glaring difference between your neck and the rest of your body compared to your face.


Wrong Concealer

I find that many women accidentally apply a concealer that is too light for them. A concealer that is too many shades lighter than you will make it obvious that you tried to cover marks, blemishes and dark circles on your face. Instead, your concealer should only be two shades lighter than your neck colour so your concealer can blend with your skin colour more easily.


Too Much Blush

Nothing looks lovelier or more youthful than a pinch of colour on your cheeks. Unfortunately, blush can get messy fast! Try to avoid applying too much blush by tapping the excess powder off your brush before applying to your face. Also, try to only apply blush to the apples of your cheeks – blush should, ideally, not be applied to the entire cheekbone or too far beneath it. If you want to accentuate your cheekbones use bronzer and highlighters rather than blush. Remember, blush’s main job is to add a rosy glow to your cheeks, not to contour your cheek bones or jaw.

The right tools and products will go a long way when it comes to your makeup routine. Visit your local cosmetic boutique for tips and advice on how and how not to apply makeup. What are some other things to avoid when applying makeup?

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I don't think Kacie's comment means she thinks the article says to do so. I think she means 'Why on earth would people do that' and I agree. @Laydee - neutrals if you're wearing a cobalt blue shirt and perhaps a brighter lipstick that works with your skin and the blue shirt.

I used eye shadow for my brows too and they look better when i was using a pencil. As long as u don't put too much it will be fine.

I have to say I do use an eye shadow for my brows and they look great :) just tap access off the brush so you have a soft brow and not harsh looking brows

If we don't match eyes to shirt... What DO you wear with a cobalt shirt? When can you wear festive make- up?

@Laydee - you wear festive make up for the appropriate occasion and not to the office, a funeral or dinner with the in-laws

I use eyeshadow for my eyebrows because the pencils suck. And I've never matched eyeshadow to my shirt wtf.

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