7 Things to Know about Kajal Liner ...


If you’ve never heard of kajal liner, it pays to learn more about it before you attempt to use it. For some women, you may have been using it for years without realizing what you were putting on your face. As with anything, kajal liner isn’t right for everyone and you should most definitely talk it over with your dermatologist, especially if you have skin conditions. That way you can use it safely and get the most out of it. Just remember that it might not be right for everyone.

1. It Goes by More than One Name

The main reason why you might not have heard of kajal liner is because it is more commonly called kohl liner. It is used traditionally in the Indian culture, but the practice has received some question due to its safety. In fact, in India, the liner is used on very young children, which has led to some medical issues. For you, however, it’s probably safe.

Homemade versus Commercial
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