7 Tips for Buying the Ultimate Mascara ...

By Eliza

7 Tips for Buying the Ultimate Mascara ...

I’m here with some tips for buying the ultimate mascara so that you don’t have to do all the work. Mascara adds just the right finishing touch to your make-up look. It lengthens your lashes and gives the appearance of being well rested and bright eyed. Mascara comes in many formulations and colors, which can make it hard to figure out which one is right for you. Luckily, these tips for buying the ultimate mascara are here to the rescue. Use these tips anytime you shop for mascara and you’ll always get the product you want.

1 Lash Length

There are many, many lengthening mascaras, which are great for girls with short, stubby lashes. They might not be as useful if you already have pretty long ones though. One of the best tips for buying the ultimate mascara is to consider how your own lashes look. If you need some help in the length department, get a lengthening formula. Otherwise, stick to a lighter version or your lashes may be weighed down and uncomfortable.

2 Lash Thickness

If you have full, thick lashes, you are lucky because you can go for a standard, lightweight mascara. If you have thinner, sparser lashes, on the other hand, you might need a specialized product that is formulated to add dimension and volume to each lash.

3 Wand Size

Everyone is bit different when it comes to their preferences for a comfortable wand shape, size and length. Feel the different options until you find one that feels right in your hand. That way, when you apply your mascara, you can get a nice even application without being uncomfortable and frustrated. Easy enough, right?

4 Brush Type

I hate mascara unless I have a curved brush to apply it with. No doubt, there are other girls who hate using a curved brush. Before you buy a tube of mascara, read the product package to find out what kind of brush you’re getting. Big round ones are another common shape. I like the curved brush because it’s easier to get my mascara on without smudging it all over my face.

5 Water Resistant

Instead of choosing waterproof mascara, go for the water resistant formula. Experts say that waterproof mascara can leave you with rings under your eyes and it’s very difficult to get off. Water resistant formulas, on the other hand, prevent running if you cry or get wet, but will come off much easier when you wash your face.

6 The Event

If you want a new mascara for a big event, such as a holiday party or night on the town, consider choosing one that gives you a more dramatic look. That means choosing a product that lengthens, thickens and darkens all in one. You can definitely find a multi-purpose mascara like this one, in a range of prices at most stores that sell make-up.

7 Color

Last but not least, it’s important to think about color when you pick out your mascara. Black is the most popular choice and is readily available on most store shelves. However, you can also find brown, navy blue, green and even purple. Trying different colors is really fun and can give your whole look a great new perspective.

What’s your favorite brand of mascara? I love Maybelline and Color Girl, but would be willing to try others if they came highly recommended. Do you have any other valuable tips for choosing the best mascara?

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