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I’m always on the lookout for cruelty free makeup brands, because testing on animals is just completely unnecessary. There are plenty of brands that create high quality makeup and are completely cruelty free, and they’re usually vegan, although not always. Still, it’s always nice to support cruelty free makeup brands to send a message to other companies and help stop animal testing. Here are a few cruelty free makeup brands I love!

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Lime Crime

Website: limecrimemakeup.com
Lime Crime is the first on the list of cruelty free makeup brands because it’s absolutely my favorite. It’s a relatively small brand, but it’s extremely popular, even with celebrities. According to the ‘About’ page, stars like Adele, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj have worn Lime Crime makeup. Right now, I’m addicted to their carousel gloss, but everything Lime Crime offers is extremely high quality and so worth the price.


Urban Decay

Website: urbandecay.com
Yes, ladies, UD is cruelty free! Which is such a relief, because it’s my favorite makeup brand. I’m so glad to know that such a huge makeup company is taking a stand against animal testing. There are so many big name brands which are not cruelty free that I’ve stopped purchasing, but I have no fear with UD!



Website: aromaleigh.com
This is an indie makeup brand that I stumbled upon some years ago, and have been absolutely addicted to since then. Move over Bare Minerals, because a new brand of mineral makeup is in town! Aromaleigh offers hundreds of eyeshadow pigments that are sparkly and vibrant, and just go on amazingly. They also offer things for the face like blush and foundation. Every single thing I’ve ever purchased from Aromaleigh (which has been TONS), I have adored.


Too Faced

Website: toofaced.com
As if I didn’t love Too Faced enough, now I learn that they’re cruelty free! Too Faced offers some gorgeous makeup, especially eyeshadow palettes. I have heard that some people aren’t a fan of it, but then others love it as much as I do. I suppose it just depends on your tastes. If you’ve never used anything by Too Faced, I recommend giving it a try!



Website: maccosmetics.com
The big kahuna in makeup is cruelty free! You’d think that would send a message to the other companies still implementing animal testing, right? Still, one less reason to feel guilty about dishing out all that money for M.A.C., right? It’s superb quality makeup, and it’s made humanely. What more could a girl ask for? Even if it is expensive, it’s worth it.



Website: stilacosmetics.com
I don’t use much of Stila, mostly just their eyeliners, but I do have friends that are huge fans of this brand. I see their products all the time while browsing Sephora, and I have to admit that it looks like a great brand. I think I might buy some of their products the next time I go shopping!



Website: eyeslipsface.com
While I’m not a huge fan of everything E.L.F makes, I do like some of their stuff. I know they’re a pretty big drug store type brand, and I do have several of their palettes. If you’re an E.L.F. fan, rock on with that cruelty free status!


Barry M

Website: barrym.com
This is a brand that I’ve recently just learned about from watching YouTube makeup tutorials, but apparently it’s a pretty big brand in the UK. With a little research, I found they were cruelty free! I haven’t used anything by them, but many of my favorite UK makeup gurus on YouTube use their products, so it seems like a good brand.

What are your favorite cruelty free makeup brands?

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Are there any that are affordable? Except I know and love elf is!

M.A.C does test on animal

I'm not sure how recent this article is, but neither MAC nor Stila is cruelty-free anymore, due to their decisions to be sold in China. #suggestion

Mac tests on animals!!

Josie maran


Apparently Loreal, garnier, Lancôme and maybelline all test on animals :(

BTW - now that Body Shop is owned by either Loreal or Lab. Garnier (can't remember which offhand) are they still cruelty free?

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