7 Tips for Applying Bronzer in the Fall ...


Now that cooler days are on the way and the sun doesn’t shine for as many hours each day, you might be looking for some tips for applying bronzer. It’s definitely something to think about because bronzer gives you that glow you crave, but you want it to look natural, which means a different technique for the colder months of the year. So, without further ado, here are some easy tips for applying bronzer that you can use while you wait for summer to roll back around.

1. Use a Little Less

Even if you spend plenty of time outdoors during the fall, you won’t get the same golden color you get during the summer. One of the best tips for applying bronzer is to tone it down just a bit so you don’t look fake. You could always tell people you just got back from Bali, but it’s probably more believable to just use a bit less during the fall.

Lighten up
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